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Death is real there is no escaping the reality of death. When is comes suddenly, unexpected , as the result of an accident or heart attack , we are shaken. Similarly when someone still in the prime if life dies of cancer or kidney failure. Such event of death  are so common that we all experience them. We are overcome by the sense of our own helplessness: we can not reverse what has happened. All human resource are powerless to restore a death person of life. The grieving  relative is not easily comforted.

           How do people react to the fact of death? The young frankly do not treat the matter seriously. When they have the occasional shock - a friend is kill in a road accident for example it is just "bad luck". The tragedy is soon forgotten. The middle age do  not care to contemplate death. It is too far off yet to seen a real danger: Better face it when it comes ." Older people become more aware that here is a reality they will NIR escape. Their friends and relations pass off the scene. Failing eyesight and hearing, growing physical ailments remind them the human frame eventually perish to death.

  The vital question about death

How do we settle this question about what happens after death? Where do we go for a reliable and truthful answer? 

     Do we trust to our own feelings or "intuition" ? How do we know we are right , how could we expect anyone else to accept our view on our own authority ?   How can a man or woman anywhere tell us the answer ?How do they know any way ,  do we accept the view of religious leaders ,  either individual or of councils or synods how do the know about death and what we are to think when prominent religious leaders are seen to be divided among themselves on important issues ? One prominent bishop has declared that Christ did did not literally raise from the death; other declared the resurrection to be one of the foundation of the Christian faith.

    This question,  when sincerely faced ,  lead us to the conclusion ; the opinion of human mind is of it self , of no value than that of any other. In other words human thinking cannot give us the answer. From this a very important conclusion emerges; since no human mind can pronounce with authority on what happens after death,  then clearly we need an authority coming from outside and above mankind authority.

 Is there life after death? 

The answer to this question is simply yes because man has a spirit and a soul which will sure appear one day in the throne of God for judgement and account for the things you have Done in earth the tape of your entire live has being recorded by God almighty who has the key to your life and existence the things you did will determine were you will spend enternity the holy book gave us the clear story on Lazarus and the rich man and there account was recorded which is why we able to read it today. The question of if there is another life after this on is subject to debating and can be challenge for example the atheist belief that there is no such thing that God exist and when you are gone you are gone and will never return others believe that reincanation is possible were and individual can die and cine back as anther person. With all this theories circulating the world today the fact still remain s that no one actually CA account for a live after this one., but those who believe in the word of God will always attest to the truth that God is preparing a place for his people were by he will come one  day to take his children home were they really belong, sitted at his right hand of God the father God the son And God the Holy spirit

What we must do to conquer death 

To live for ever you must believe that God send his only living son to die for your sins and give you a new life in Christ now the old you has died and the new you has ressurected just as the sob conquers dead so you shall over come the power if death and live an external life in his holy name our relationship with God must be genue and truthful, and remember God cannot be mocked or fooled by any body, he can decide to bless both the wicked and the good and no one in this world has the right to question his authority and decisions 

Secondly we must live our brothers and sisters because we are created equally in the presence of God, love should be with us all the days of our live and let his word be hidden at the back of our hearts all the time so that we will not sin against him.

Thirdly we must study his word all the time and avail ourself to the worship of his holy name believing he is in our mist and doing miracles, healing the sick and blessing the works of our hands.

Why death is here with us

After death?

For man have sin and falling short to the glory of God. God gave man a simple law not to eat the fruit in the center of the garden but man disobeyed God and he was punish for his sins and had to die so that the word of God will not come out void because it was writing that if you eat from the tree enjoy will know the knowledge of good and evil and the consequences is dead which surely came to pass. 

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