Truthfulness in business





truthfulness in business
truthful business man

The reason for doing business is to make profit. Any business that cannot make profit will soon fold up. A lot of people are involved in business. The will always require exchange of goods and services with the use the same. Business would be very difficult if lack of truthfulness is allowed.


Meaning of truthfulness

Being truthful means saying only what is true. To be truthful is giving the true facts about something. A person is said to be saying the truth when the true facts about something is presented. It is saying what is the situation is without lying. Truthfulness therefore means giving the true facts about something without saying any form of lies.


Attributes of truthfulness


1.   Consistent behavior:


The more we continue to tell the truth the more it affects our attitude. To tell the truth now and lie later is an inconsistent behavior. The person that keeps on telling the truth will be consistent in his or her behavior; he will not be looking for the next lies to tell and will be able to take a stand on issues. No one will believe a discovered liar no matter w hat he is saying trying to say.

2.   Steadfastness:

To be steadfast means not changing ones attitude or aims. This helps the truthful person to keep developing and growing in a regular way. The person that is truthful will be able to be steady and maintain a level of stability for growth.


3.   Straightforwardness:


A truthful person will tell people honest things. He will always be exact and precise  without ambiguity. He will be able to express himself without minding who is listening. No matter who the listeners are, he will always tell the truth.


Factors that make people to tell lies in business


1.    Laziness:


A person that is lazy will always tell lies to cover the laziness. He will want to give an excuse for what happened. He will have to lie about something or somebody. It is not good to be lazy so that one will not easily tell lies.

2.    Fear:


A fearful person will easily tell lies as he will not want to be punished. Do not be too fearful of somebody or something. Keep doing what is right and you will not tell lies.


3.    Friendship:

If you keep company with liars, you will also tell lies. Run away from people who don’t tell the truth. They can make you start telling lies


4.    Habit:

Some people have made lying what they enjoy doing. Some will never tell the truth. Telling a lie is a very bad habit that must not be found in any business person.


5.    Greed :


When someone is always thinking of only himself ,he is said to be greedy. A greedy person will easily tell lies so that what should be shared among many will only be his.


Rewards of truthfulness


1.     Peace of mind:

A liar will always fear that his lies will be discovered. So he will not have rest of mind. A truthful person after telling the truth will always be at rest.


2.     Trustworthiness:

No one will trust a liar. The truthful person is first considered for a position or business transaction. People will not  want to be  disappointed so they will trust a truthful person


3.     Promotion:

A truthful person will always be promoted at  his working places and business. He will be recognized by everyone. The whole of his community will appreciate his truthfulness.

4.     Ability to keep important relationship:

A truthful person will be a good leader and a business man, he or she is also a good wife, husband, worker, a good parent, and a good member of the community


Rewards of not being truthful in business

1.      Shame

2.      Separation

3.      Business failure

4.      Unemployment

5.      Bankruptcy

6.      Arrest by security agents

7.      Leadership failure

8.      Marital failure


Fair play

Fair play means acting or playing honestly ,fairly and according to the rule. When fair play is used, no one feels cheated, relationship grow, no one conceals information and there is no partiality

Attributes of fair play

1.    Equity:

No one is considered better than the other person. Everybody is given their place. People are not discriminate against for whatever reason.

2.    Openness :

No secret agenda. There is transparency. No one is hiding anything from anybody. Everything is done in a free and fair manner.

3.    Impartiality :

No partiality is displayed. No one is favored over another. In everything merit is always considered first.




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