How Global warming affect the environment and businesses 

Global warming and environmental hazard

Is in the raising,  the world today is faced with several challenges including famine, lack of good water etc. Agriculture which is a sector of production in the global world that produce food for consumption by people is face with issue of global warming and environmental challenge. The activities of humans gave rise to this effect environmental degradation, such as mining, fusel fuel , gas flaring , industrial activities by companies etc. Such activities of humans has brought us to this level of global warming were the earth is getting hotter day by day, flooding ravaging our communities that are close to water ways. 

In several occasion the government has tried  to relocate such individuals but most of there effort has proven not effective check https://global  this effort were to meet up with emergency during flooding.

To reduce global warming the human race needs to put in measures and policies concerning environmental issue. Such as planting of trees to reduce Forrest degradation, avoid burning of bushes, create water ways in prone areas, environment sanitization and also good gas flaring control. With this majors taking the world may be on it way in reducing the devastating  effects of global warming and environmental   challenges.

Effects of global warming 

Some of the effect of global warming  may include the following 
1. High rain fall : the rains will be high in density and can cause flooding and  destructions of farm lands

2. High temperature, the hit will increase and the weather will be hot for us which will be uncomfortable for every one. 

3. Natural disasters their will be disaster like earth quake, wild fire and flooding etc. 

Some causes of global warming

1. The activities of global industrialization 
The industries engage in activities that pollute the air and environment which affect the air we breath and consume. They throw waste product into the water flow if the communities and affect the soil 

2. Power plant: all the power plant around the around the globe have contributed to the level we are today. This plants has it own negative effect on the environment. Sometimes it may result to earth quake and affect the texture if the ground making is soft and unproductive 

3. Waste:  The waste product that humans despose wrongly affect the water we drink resulting in desaeses such as cholerra, because of the effect in had on the water flow from on place to the other. This dirt form germs that poison the crops and the water we drink. Also blocking drainage meant for water to flow there by resulting to flooding and environmental degradation 
4. Deforestation: The cutting down of economic trees use for roofing houses and other architectural popuses result in the deforestation of the ecosystem were by trees provide good air for human to breath oxygen. They help in controlling the car in dioxide formation and filter the air to reduce high temperature.

5.oil drilling : The activities of oil companies has affected the environment negatively with the oil spilage that conterminates the water resulting in the dead of some aquatic animal such fish, snail, and other sea food. 

6. Transportation vehicles : The technology that is meant to help human in the transportation of goods and service is now a treat to the environment and business. The carbon dioxide release in the air by cars and heavy machine also affect the nature of the global environment making the condition of the weather to increase in a very degree that can affect the performance of both human and animals which will cause low production and output because of the factors that contribute to production have being affected emmensly.

7. To much of fishing activities: The human fish in the seas with out replacing the different type of breeds the more the fishes that contribute to the maintenance of the aquatic live will be extinct and the water animals will suffer a lot such extinct animals will create a gap that cannot filled unless they are replace to complete the circle of the ecosystem.


  1. We need to come together to fight this common enemy.


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