Relationships tips

The saying which says men are from mars and women are from Venus is a reality that can not be compromise. Here are some tips in relationship for new lovers and couples 

. Be realistic and plain to each other 

No one is above the other

.Communicate often to balance the gap

.  Be fair to each other

. Be flexible

.Take care of your self too

.Be dependable to each other for healthier conversations 

. Keep your life balance.

How to build your relationships


Identify Your Relationship Needs. Do you know what you need from others


Develop Your People Skills. Good relationships start with good people skills.


Manage Your Boundaries.

Schedule Time to Build Relationships

Be positive


Appreciate others and practice mindful listening. To grow in the relationship.

Why relationships is important 

A man must be with a woman in his life so that he can be happy and have peace of mind love is a beautiful thing that every body should will need the importance of relationships cat not be over emphasize in live today having some one that love you is a wonderful filling and should not be discourage.

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