the necessety of law

Law is one of the institution which is essential to the social nature of man and without which he would be a different creature. Law is a necessety for man in a properly ordered society , while some totally reject the need of law,  others considered law as an evil thing of which mankind would do well to rid itself. In spite for all these philosophical doubts,  age long experience has shown that law is one of the great civilizing forces in human society and that the growth of civilization has generally been linked with the gradual development of the system of legal rules together with the machinery for their regular and effective enforcement.

Law exists and function side by side with ethical ,  moral rules and standards. How ever , there exist divergence between the moral ideas current in a given community and the rules and laws which seek to lay down precise legal rights and duties. With respect to monogamy, homosexual , prostitution , suicide ,  abortion etc. Never the less , the belief in a "Moral Law" is wide spread and has had tremendous impact upon mans thought about the actual which prevail in his own particular society. As a result the existence of immoral law (e.g apartheid) can hardly be admitted by common people.

Another deep belief that behind and /or above all the individual system of law which operate in different societies , there exist a higher law (I.e natural law of law created by God by which the man made law can be judged.)and this has produced significant practical consequences at many stages in human history.

Law ; the cement of the society and essential medium of change. A knowledge of law increase ones understanding of public affair. Its study promotes accuracy of expression, facilities in argument and skill in interpreting written words as well as understanding social values.


Law is an instrument for regulation of relationship. It balances conflicting interest in the society. The purpose of which is to assure societal cohesion and development . it consist of rules, laws,  and regulation which person in the society are obliged to adhere to ,  and such rules are usually backed by sanction. Law defines codes of conduct ,  prohibits unwanted action and lays down laws , rules and regulation for guiding action between persons. In the contemporary world law is important for the protections of the   freedom and liberty of the citizens. The relation of law to liberty is obviously a very close one since law may be used either as an instrument of tyranny, as has frequently occurred in many societies or, as a means of giving effect to those basic freedom which in a democratic society are regarded as essential part of good life.  

Law as social science 

Law is one of the social science  just like political science,  economics, sociology, psychology etc. As a social  science law must be studied/in its social context because every legal system reflect the broader social background within which it exist and operates.     

Law is a principle instrument which society seeks to excise its control and to limit or direct social change. Law s maintain the status quo,  and also provide for necessary change ,  it protect private and public interest and preserve  order. According to Dennis Lloyd "like it or not and many from Plato to Marx have disliked it, law is a central concept in human society without it indeed,  there would be no society."    

The importance of law 

The law is very important in every society
It guides and direct the conduct of everything in the nation with out the law enforcement agencies we will be in Banana Republic so law is very important and should be given the top most attention required. The rule of law most be observe for equal right and justice to prevail so that some individual Or group of persons will not fill marginalise.  in the society were their law and order the people will be happy with government and will obey every command given by the government for example the issue of tax payment , individual and business men will have the confidence to pay taxes because the believe that government will use this revenue to develop the nation which in turn be a benefit for the citizens. Such social amenities as good road ,water and electricity should be provided by the government of the country when people see the work being done with there tax money they will be encourage to pay more.
The law also control and check mate the actions of men because they know that any crime committed will be brough to book and if found guilty such person  will be punish according to the law .
It also helps interns of business for example in business law and agreement is an agreement between two parties and contract will be sealed by the law governing the land  the code of conduct is fully observed before the contract is started to avoid future problem that may arise in the initial agreement .


Every society needs the presence of law to check mate all society ills that may cause the free flow of crime and result to lack of peace and justice in the society . If the law 
Says don't steal and you were caught stealing then you face the wraght of the law no matter how highly placed you are in the society, weather you are a public officer you must account for all your doings in the development process of every project that is caried out during or after your stay in office if you are found in financial misconduct then you are in for it the law will not take it likely with you. 

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