This is the strategy used to land my first  LinkedIn job. The  step-by-step strategy on how I  land my first job and tips that helped accelerated my results. The active approach of LinkedIn job search, is you going onto LinkedIn and actually looking for job posts as well as sending out job applications.

LinkedIn Job
LinkedIn job 


step 1:

The most common way is simply by searching the LinkedIn jobs tab. You could search for jobs based on the following factors:  Suggested jobs: Which are jobs LinkedIn thinks you might be a good fit for based on your profile.  The date posted: allows you view the most recent jobs posted. Number of applications: helps you to view jobs with fewer applicants. Search by company: allows you to select the companies in which you're looking for jobs. Experience level: allows you to select the experience level required. When you find a job that you are interested in applying for, you can click the apply button, which will take you directly to the company's website or job board to apply. On the other hand, you can also click the easy-apply button, which will let you apply directly through LinkedIn.

step 2:

The second way you can leverage the active approach on LinkedIn is by following your dream company's pages on LinkedIn and also following and connecting with recruiters. By following your dream company on LinkedIn, and also by staying up to date with recruiters in your industry or in your network, you'll actually be aware of new opportunities when they arise because the company or the recruiter will post about it. 

step 3:

The last way that you can leverage the active approach on LinkedIn is by searching hashtags.  Fun fact . This was the strategy that land me my first job on LinkedIn. This is a strategy that I don't see too many job seekers utilizing, but it's an awesome approach to find jobs in what I call the hidden job market. Most companies don't post their job openings on LinkedIn job! So what they'll do instead is they'll post on their Company's LinkedIn page about an open role that they're hiring for, and then link job seekers to their own job board, either on their LinkedIn page or their company's website. Sometimes, you'll see an employee from the company post about these available jobs in their personal LinkedIn profile. these companies, employers and employees use relevant hashtags to bring visibility to their job posts. As a job seeker, you can search these hashtags and make yourself aware of open positions that are posted on LinkedIn daily. Here are some of the hashtags that you could search: #nowhiring #gethired, #joboffer #jobsearch, #hiring, #job, #recruitment

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