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Code to block your account instantly, if you were robbed or misplaced your phone

My dear friends and business associate as a business man or woman who is into business and uses your phone for transaction, as we are now living in a digital world were cashless society is growing rapidly this also came with some certain disadvantages were by people can lose lot of money from their accounts in the banking sector, in situations and circumstance were your phone is stolen or lost or in cases where your automated teller machine (ATM) card is lost. If you find yourself in such dilemma do not panic, because here are presented a code to block your bank accounts if your ATM or phone is stolen or lost.

Code to block your bank accounts if your ATMS or phone are stolen or lost

When you find yourself or someone in this type of problem all you need to do is dial the following code **966*911# immediately from any available phone close to you, what this does is that it take you to were you will requested to enter your bank account details which is your account number when this is done and authorize the transactions on that account will be blocked and subsequently also stop any debit transactions in your bank account. This will stop the fraud star or anybody who is trying to transfer money from your account to any other account without your authorization.

The beautiful thing about this process is that it can be done on any device even is not your own and the code will work and block any transaction carried out on your account. In fact you  can use the code whenever you suspect any foul play in your transactions, after that you are to contact your account officers at your bank for further action that will protect your account number from fraudulent activities.

bank code
insert your account number after you have dial the code

Correct bank codes use to block your bank account instantly, if you were robbed or misplaced your phone

First bank:

Send “block” to 30012 via text message and follow the procedures.

Zenith bank:


Guarantee trust bank:


Union bank:

Text “block card nuban” to 20123


Dial *919*10#

Fidelity bank:


Keystone bank:

Call 23470020003000

Sterling bank:

Call 070078378464

Eco bank: “stop” ATM and you account number to 086326326226


Call 2342798800

Access bank:

Call 234412802500

wema bank:

Call 08039003700

Polaris bank;

Call 2341270850


Dial *909#


When the codes presented above are use it helps to reduce damages of funds and making the victim be rest assured that their bank account will be blocked for further investigation. Use this code and share with your family and friend to help them when they are faced with these challenges to save the monies that are in their bank accounts.

Mostly the first action is to call your customer care and reports your problems so that the necessary actions will be taken to prevent more transactions on the account, but incases when one does not have access to their customer care number you advise to use this code to block your bank account from fraud stars.

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