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5 ways to buy the cheapest cars in Nigeria

5 ways to buy the cheapest cars in Nigeria

Are you in Nigeria and looking for were to buy a cheap car for your day to day activities, and you are afraid to be cheated and swindle by bad elements. For you to achieve your target you must follow a few ways to succeed and acquire a better car that will serve you for some time before you get a better one to use.

Most people fall to fake dealers who promise to deliver a car worth 1.5 million naira at the rate of 700,000 naira which cannot be possible, to avoid such lost from fraud stars one should be very careful on where you go to buy cheapest cars in Nigeria. Below are 5 ways to buy the cheapest cars in Nigeria:


1.       Don’t be in a rush

2.       Purchase from your family and friends

3.       Purchase from the united states action agency and import the car

4.       Buy from online car websites

5.       Buy used cars from Nigerians.

Don’t be in a rush

When buying the car don’t be in a haste to acquire the car because you are anxious to see that you have a car of your own, when you do that the seller may take advantage of that and hike the price of the car because he had observed that you are deeply interested in the car, even though you like the car and will want to buy don’t be in a rush to offer what you want to pay this will help you make better decision.

Purchase from family and friends

 If you have family and friends who have cars always get in touch with them and ask whether they want to sell their used cars, from there you can know their mind if they are willing to sell you then offer them your price, if they are not you put it in their notice that whenever they feel like selling the car you available for the transaction. Also one can approach friends and acquire on were or who wants to sell his or her car, someone who knows someone can have the connection to introduce to a seller who is also looking for a buyer. Many family and friends may be willing to give you a discount and they may have a love for that car and will want the car to be used by some close to them.

Buy from the United States auction agency and import to Nigeria

This way of buying a car in Nigeria can be seen as one of the cheapest ways to buy cars in Nigeria as it provide the opportunity of you not paying dealers profit and issues of middle men and other taxes. All you need to do is place an order from relevant authorities such as the Nigerian custom services and your entire question will be answered or you visit their website and you will see their latest actions that are available, by following this way it will even reduce the stress of your documentation and process of importation.

Buy from online car website

Another best way to purchase a cheap car in Nigeria is the internet, were by there are sites who market different types of cars at affordable prices for anyone who is interested in buying. Always compare the prices on other platforms such as,, and other websites who offer such products, this will help you have a better bargaining power from there you will be able to choose your best cheap car that can serve well. Apart from that it is also save time and risk rather than driving from Abuja to Lagos, delivery will be done at your door step.

Buy used cars from Nigerians

Most people will not want to buy a car from individuals in Nigeria believing that the car will not be in good shape, so they will prefer to buy one that is coming from a far location but the truth is that you can still get a better and cheap car from someone that is in Nigeria it could even be someone who is close to you. But the mentality that for the seller to sell the car something may have being wrong with the engine of the car, this has caused many people losing an opportunity for acquiring good and cheap car Nigeria.

Next time if you are planning or you know anyone who is planning to buy a cheap car in Nigeria the above ways should be applied so that one can end up happy because he or she has purchase a very nice car without spending much money but getting the desired brand of car that can last for years without encountering any problem or challenges when using the car in Nigeria or any other place.

cheapest cars
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