How to stop online shopping: stop the addiction

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online shopping
online shopping

Are you addicted to shopping online without minimizing your cost? Well here you will learn how to conquer this addiction, with the emergence of the internet the world has become a global village were by one can sit at the comfort of your home and engage in transactions online and the product will be delivered to your door step without any challenges and time delay. This new development which is equally a good thing has also become a problem, because most people can’t no longer manage their resources well because they are addicted to buying anything they see online even though they are not in need of such product or services.

A research has shown that the e commerce statistical trends put that about 67% of united states citizens shop online, and about 25% of these people shop online at least once a months. Many e-commerce companies’ shows ads to you when you browse the internet and you are subject or tempted to buy their products. Online shopping on its own is not a bad thing but when one becomes addicted that is where the problem comes as it will affect your financial status and result to family problems between partners.

How to know if you are addicted to online shopping

1.      Always visiting the website everyday

2.      You will lost track on previous transactions

3.      You keep using finance from bills to fund your card for online shopping

4.      You begin to hide your online transactions from your partner or family

5.      Your debts from your credit cards will increase because of extravagant spending

6.      You will lack contentment

Always visiting the website everyday:

online shopping
always visiting online shops


When you find yourselves always on the internet searching for new products and their prices, it is a sign that your beginning to get addicted to online shopping and there is a tendency that you will continue to shop online.

You will lose track on previous transactions:

If you notice that you are beginning to lose track on the previous transactions that you have made on your e commerce app, this shows automatically that you addicted to online shopping and you need to do something about it before it get to late.

You begin to hide your transactions from your partner or family:

At the family level, when a person begins to be secretive about how he or she spend on online shopping from his partner or family members, not wanting them to know what he or she is buying and for what purpose is he buying the product, then this shows that he or she is addicted to buying things online.


You keep using finance from bills to fund your card for online shopping:

Most e commerce apps on the internet requires you to insert your credit cards either visa card or master card to make payment on their platform. When you start transferring funds from your bank cards to online shopping platform then you are deeply addicted to shopping online, and if peradventure they offer goods on credit then this can affect your finances and you may end up in dept because when it comes to paying back you will have to pay with the accrue interest attach with that product or services. Your debts from your credit cards will increase because of extravagant spending

Your debts from your credit cards will increase because of extravagant spending:

Another way to know that one is becoming addicted to online shopping is a high dept profile on his credit cards because of the extravagant spending on things he or she don’t really need, just because it feels right to buy the products the person may be willing to borrow just to purchase that product or services.

You will lack contentment:

When you lack contentment on the thing you have and you are still looking for more for example when you already have a brand of car let say 2022 model but you still want to buy the 2023 model, before you know it when an advert on that new model pops up on the internet you will be tempted to order for that car.

10 ways on how to stop online shopping

1.      Block and remove site on phone or device

2.      Avoid holding your credit card to help you stop online shopping

3.      Delete all credit cards information from your internet browser

4.      Stop using apple pay Google pay, also PayPal and payoneer

5.      Unsubscribe from newsletters

6.      Stop and block all brands on your social media

7.      Avoid your social media handles for sometime

8.      Remove all online shopping app from your phone or device

9.      If you must shop do it using raw cash

10.  Consult management expert for guidance.

Block and remove site from phone or device:

To stop online shopping you endeavor to remove and block all the e commerce site that are saved on your phone or computer, when you do that you will no longer have access to that platform and this will help you to stop online shopping.

Avoid holding your credit card to help you stop online shopping:

When you want to get over the addiction of online shopping you must stop working around with your visa or master cards as this may reduce your chances of buying anything online because the means of payment is mostly done with the credit card.

Delete all credit cards information from your internet browser:

Most are times when you perform a transaction online your credit card information is usually stock in the e commerce website or browser, to help you stop online transaction one must have to trace and delete all credit card transaction information from their saver to be on the safer side.

Stop using apple pay Google pay, also PayPal and payoneer:

Avoid the use of apple pay, goggle pay, and also PayPal account as this will encourage you to download e commerce apps that requires you to pay certain amount to access their services. These apps are design to sell products that are captivating to customers, when you decide to stop using this app then you are on your way to stopping online shopping.

Unsubscribe from newsletters:

E commerce websites are always looking for customers who will buy their products and always send individuals newsletters advertising their new products and services to you. Usually when you register to their platforms you are requested to input your phone number or email address. These companies sends you newsletter convincing you to purchase a product or services even though you may not need it at the moment.

Stop and block all brands on your social media:

To help you stop excessive online shopping you must be ready to shot down brands and pages that are on you social media platforms, this are brands that are aim at selling one product or the other to you without minding whether you have the financial capacity to purchase those products.

If you must shop use raw cash:

When you find yourselves in a situation that requires shopping then you have to discipline yourself by going to the store and purchase what you need using raw cash this will help you reduces you desire to shop online.


Can one stop online shopping addiction?

online shopping
can i stop online shopping?

Even though it may look impossible but the truth is that one can stop online shopping addiction, this is achieve when the individual is ready to stop he or she will have to discipline him selves  and abide to some certain rules. Other ways that one can conquer this, is by:

1.      Set a clear transaction limit

2.      Keep records of your spending habit and adjust

3.      You can change your devices to ditch from online apps

4.      Develop a check list when shopping

5.      Only buy what you need not what you want

6.      Avoid you e-wallet.

When you apply some of the above solution your online shopping will begin to reduce and you will be able to save for rainy days.



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