Which resources management task deploys or activates personnel and resources?

mobilize resouces
which resources management task deploys or activates personnel and resources?


The resource management task deploys or activates personnel and resources.  To answer these questions the options are presented below:


a.      Track and report

b.      Mobilize

c.       Order and acquire

d.      Identify the requirement

The correct answer here is (b) mobilize resources. The management tasks deploy or activate personnel and resource. The major responsibility of resource management is to deploy and activates funds and employees in an organization.

What is resource mobilization?

This is simply defining as the movement of the required funds or assets to any area where help is needed. When assets and employees are contacted to solve a particular problem they are given the following information or data to enable them perform their task effectively and efficiently.

1.      Date

2.      Reporting location

3.      Funding codes

4.      Applicable cost

5.      Resource order number

6.      Incident number

7.      Assigned supervisor

8.      Mode of transportation

9.      Place of departure

10.  Duration of deployment

11.  Estimated resources arrival time and dates.

Importance of resource mobilization is as follows:

1.      It always ensure that there is efficient distribution of resources in an organization

2.      The management is responsible for the support and ensure log term viability

3.      It encourage the enhancement and the expansion of services and products

4.      An excellent resource management result in the availability of the major resources which is brought at the right time needed to accomplish a particular work or task.




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