9 hacks to help nail your next presentation


Hacks to help you nail your next presentation
Nine hacks to help nail your next presentation 

As a student or a staff in an organization you will be required to present information or data to the management or in class presentation , in doing this one can be face with some difficulties when presenting, here are important hacks that will help you nail your next presentation:


1.      Make it about them, not you

2.      Perfect your posture

3.      Hook them with the opening line

4.      Connect and provide compelling answer

5.      Tell stories

6.      Capitalize with visuals

7.      Keep it short and simple

8.      Close on a strong and promising note

9.      Don’t feed the trolls during questions and answer.


1.   Make it about them not you

When presenting a speech always make your presentation about them and not you this will help you send a positive vibe to your listeners. When you center your discussion on informing the audience and make the presentation all about them and not you make them the center of discussion. When presenting remember at the back of your mine that the main goal is to properly informed your audience in the best possible ways.

2.  Perfect your posture

When presenting a topic always make sure that position your body and stand at a comfortable manner that will attract your audience and enable perform well in your presentation.  The way you stand will also help you have a great presentation depending on how you move your body motion.

a good posture give you the ability to relate with the audience and send the message to your listeners, a good presentation must have all the criteria that will enable a good comunication

3.  Hook them with the opening line

Your introduction is a very importation when starting your presentation; this will give your listeners an overview of the topic you are presenting. At the first stage introduce your discussion with the opening line, make it captivation enough to convince your audience that what you going to be presenting is the best information they will get.


4.  Connect and provide compelling answer

Always provide answers to the questions that may likely arise in the course of the discussion. When you understand the type of answers that your listeners are expecting this will help you know how to present your answers in a way that it will answer the curiosity of the listeners. Connect your headlines and keywords to and inter relate them to bring out a perfect answer.


5.  Tell stories

To engage your audience properly, always tell stories that are related to the topic of discussion this will help your audience not to forget so easily the topic of discussion. Telling compiling stories in your presentation is like giving examples to make your audience understand the point you are trying to make in a simpler way.


6.  Capitalize with visuals

As a student or staff, using visuals and pictures when presenting your topic is a very good way to start your discussion one can start by using card board papers with pictures and illustration to describe what you are presenting. When you have a projector and a computer then you can present your visuals in an electronic way to your audience, it could come in the format of pictures and videos. Your listeners will have the best explanation that is available on that topic of discussion.


7.  Keep it short and simple

To have a better presentation always keep it short and simple for your audience to understand what you are presenting.  Do not complicate your presentation by make it long and boring, always keep it short and simple for every lay man to understand, when you apply this method it saves time  and energy .


8.  Close on a strong and promising note

At the summary of your presentation articulate your findings and bring recommendation that will help solve the research problem. Close your presentation on a promising note that will get better when the right things are being. Your ending note tells a lot about the entire research, ending well is very good and gives you a pass mark.

9       . Don’t feed the trolls during questions and answers


At the questions section of the presentation when you audience are given the opportunity to ask question they don’t understand for clearer understanding. At this point don’t feed trolls when they questions are being answer at the presentation summary. This will give the presenter to have more time to answer the question that was asked.

For every students who want to succeed in his or her presentation will have to follow this step to succeed in educational and official presentation.

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