Skills that will help you
21 skills that will pay you forever 

1. Ability to sell and negotiate.

the ability to sell and negotiate has to do with your marketing skills. This skill requires you to be vocal and convince your potential customers

2. Ability to convey what you think and feel.

This ability has to do with how you are able to express how you feel and your opinion on certain matters and you must always stand on what you think and believe without style="text-align: left;">3. Ability to break a process down into smaller steps.
This has to with the ability to plan and budget your activities into sub groups for easier execution 

7. Ability to walk away.

When is time to work away do so because this skill will help you move ahead when you are not benefiting from your  former hustle. Walking away doesn't mean you have given up but shows that you have the ability to venture into new things that will help you in the future endeavors .

8. Ability to manage time effectively.

Time management is a very important skill to have, it will pay you forever if you understand how time works. some will say time is money and money is time, this skill is needed by managers to operate in their organization and will also determine the success of the business. 

9. Ability to stay positive and optimistic.

Being positive means you being optimistic in what ever you do. Having such skills will help you stay focus to all the plan that is ground and how to work towards achieving the targeted goal. 

10. Ability to write words to persuade and influence others.

This has to do with you able to write good a writer is some one who has the ability to convince his readers that what he is saying is correct and can be referred to any individual. Many people today are making a living from their writing skills and services to companies will result to payment after your article is publish on their platform for example blogging and freelancing. 

11. Ability to speak in front of a large audience.

When you are good is talking in public then you have an advantage over those that can't talk. The ability to express yourself fluently is very important to convince your customers to patronize your business. If you are an introvert who doesn't like talking much try an learn to be an extrovert when you about to talk in the public.

12. Ability to keep trying even after failure.

Being consistent is a very good skill to have even when it seems like you are not doing well or you are failing the ability to keep trying will finally pay you forever because you didn't give up on your dreams. 

13. Ability to invest money on own.

The ability to invest money will pay you forever if you know what you are doing when you save try to reinvest the money for better days this will generate profit which you can still invest in other lucrative business so as to secure your future.

14. Ability to do things irrespective of situation.

When you have the skills to work under pressure then be rest assured that you will get paid forever, irrespective of the suitaution at hand multitasking is a skill that can get you to hlgher hiegth and give you a sense of belonging. Most organizations are looking for individuals who can work in any suitaution they find themselves.

15. Ability to self analysis.

Always analyze your self all the time this ability will help you adjust your ways of doing things, giving you a clear picture of the mistakes you made in the past and how to correct those mistakes for better result in the future. Subjecting yourself to analysis is an ability that only few people apply in there daily life. Develop this skill and you will see positive result in all your investment.

16. Ability to learn how to learn.

If you are sharp in learning and understanding things easily then you have a skill that is rare and only intelligent individuals are able to henace this skill. The ability to learn how to learn help you unlearn and learn the right way of achieving your goals for the future, this skill will pay you in the long-run.

17. Ability to understand what others feel.

Phichologically people are different in their nature with temperament that only them posses as an individual when you have the skill and ability to study and understand how people think and behave then you are good to go, because you will know how to follow them at any time understanding what the feel and want give you an advantage to supply what they need and make profit from your investment. Knowing what to produce, how to produce and for whom to produce is very important in any business venture. 

18. Ability to remain consistent.

When you are consistent in what ever you do being it business or a non governmental organization you will surely see result by the end of the day. This skill looks difficult but with dedication you will achieve all your plan and get paid.

19. Ability to master your thoughts.

20. Ability to take decisions based on facts not based on emotions.

21. Ability to ask for help.

why you need skills to pay you forever 

There are many reasons why you might need skills. Perhaps you need them for your job, or to get a job. Maybe you want to start your own business, or learn a new hobby. Or, you might need skills to be able to help out around the house, or take care of your family.

No matter what your reason is, it’s important to have skills. They can help you in all areas of your life, and make you a more well-rounded person. If you don’t have any skills, now is the time to start learning them. Here are some reasons why you need skills:

1. They Can Help You Get a Job

If you’re looking for a job, having skills can give you an edge over the competition. Many employers are looking for candidates with specific skills, so if you have them, you’re more likely to get the job.

2. They Can Help You Advance in Your Career.

3. Skills can make you get rich and wealthy

4. Skills can get you respect from the general public. 

what are skills? 

There are many skills that we use in our everyday lives that we may not even realize we have. A skill is simply defined as “the ability to do something well; expertise.” We all have different skillsets and levels of proficiency, but the one common thread is that skills can always be improved.

Think about the last time you learned how to do something new. It may have been a physical skill like riding a bike or cooking a new dish, or it could have been something more abstract like learning a new language or mastering a new software program. In each case, you had to put in some effort to learn the basics and then practice to get better.

The same is true for any skill you want to develop. Whether you’re looking to improve your writing or your public speaking, the key is to start with the basics and then practice, practice, practice. The more you do it, the better you’ll become.

other technical skills that will pay you forever 

  • freelancing 
  • blogging 
  • software developer 
  • website designing
  • App developer 
  • Graphics designer 
  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Writing 
  • Search engine optimization (SEO). 

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