What do investment bankers do?


Every business man or woman who is into business need the services of an investment banker who will guide him or her on the needed action to be taking when a investment opportunity arrive in the economy. Investment bankers are very important to the growth of the firm’s business transactions; they provide advice that will lead to the maximization of profit on every investment.


What is investment?

Investment can simply be defined as a situation where capital (funds) is use in business transactions with the sole aim of making profit on the initial money that was invested.


Who is an investment banker?


the investment banker
the investment banker


An investment banker is simply a financial consultant to corporations both the private business sector and the government agencies. The support their client to source for funds through the means of issuing stock, bond floating, standing in between a rival company or firm or even organizing the sale of a company or business firm to the buyer.


How to become an investment banker


Why investment bankers are important in the economy



What is the role of investment bankers?

Investment banker are professional financial advisers who always combine and join the financial industries experts to analytical prowess, effective persuasive communication and managerial skills that support and help the financial institution clients in functions such as capital raising and acquisition and mergers.


Three main functions of investment banker

1.      Handling mergers and acquisitions

2.      Acting as a financial consultant and adviser

3.      Underwriting of new stocks issues

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