6 Creative ways to use data to build targeted audiences


6 Creative ways to use data to build targeted audiences

6 Creative ways to use data to build targeted audiences
Data base to target your audience

1. Segmentation analysis

Use data to divide your audience into distinct segments based on demographics, behavior, and preferences. Then, create targeted campaigns that resonate with each segment's unique characteristics.

2. Lookalike targeting

Use data to identify your ideal audience and create lookalike audiences that share similar traits. This can be done through social media platforms or data management platforms (DMPs).

3. Predictive modeling

Use data and machine learning algorithms to predict audience behavior, such as likelihood to purchase or engage. Then, target those individuals with personalized messages and offers that align with their predicted interests.

4. Target critical customer journey touchpoints


One of the most effective ways to reach potential customers with first-party data is to identify your contacts’ key touchpoints within the customer journey. By doing so, you can effectively target leads during their decision-making process at the right time and better capture conversions.

For example, use your customer data to identify contacts that fall under sales-qualified leads (SQLs).

5. Retarget your pipeline with CRM data


Want to get your customer relationship management (CRM) software involved? Harness your existing first-party data from your CRM and put it to work by creating a highly targeted list of prospects.


Using target audiences created from your CRM data, you can develop and launch cross-device retargeting campaigns directed toward existing leads who haven’t closed yet and drive brand awareness. From mobile devices to smart TVs, your retargeting campaign can ensure your company is top-of-mind when those leads are ready to convert.

6. Use visitor data for account-based retargeting

Sometimes it’s not about who your website visitors are, it’s about where they’re from. More specifically, where they work. Instead of creating audiences based on demographics, create audiences based on IP addresses to serve ads to people within specific companies.


With account-based marketing, you can leverage website visitor data to reach decision-makers at companies interested in your product or service in a way that’s effective and scalable.

Additionally, you can use data to:

- Create buyer personas
- Analyze customer journeys
- Identify high-value audience segments
- Develop personalized marketing strategies
- Optimize advertising campaigns

By leveraging data in creative ways, you can build targeted audiences that drive business results and maximize ROI.

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