Communication is essential in every area if our live as individuals and as a group. The desire to communicate is innate in man and this is exhibited even by babies ,  who in their own way express their need and feelings by crying ,  laughing , groaning etc. Man diverse needs and  the only way through which these needs can be expressed  and fulfilled is through communication. We communicate to share information,  to persuade,  to influence relationship and to satisfy several other needs. In the words of hybels and weaver.

       To live is to communicate, and to communicate effectively is to enjoy life more fully. As social beings communication and interaction with our kind in order to satisfy  our various needs. This desire explanation why we engage in forms of communication or another almost all the time. As we move from the personal level to the family and some larger group,  we discover that we enjoy different forms of communication to fulfil certain social obligation or responsibilities. Indeed , the truth remains that people cannot interact without some form of communication.

          However , we find that even though we are always communicating, we are often not effective in the art. We are often misunderstood , offended , frustrated and disappointed as a result of wrong approach to communication,  which amount of ineffectiveness. According to unogu(1995) effective communication is transfer of understandable information. Thus,  one has an important, highly valued skill if one can communicate effectively,  orally and writing. Whit an opinion also that effective communication is the life blood of every organisation and a key to success in ones business  career,  as well as in ones personal life. Since and organisation is a group of people associated with business,  political,  professional , religious , athletic or interact and react. Effective communication is therefore the secret of success in most of our endeavours. Communicating effectively,  apart from the pleasure it provide , also give solutions to many problems and needs.


           Unfortunately, most people do not enjoy the pleasure which effective communication provides because they seem not to understand the skills the art requires. We will succeed in our relationship and interaction with others if we fully grasp the fact that, the essence of communication, the goal,  the ultimate aim of every exchange is the transfer of meaning of the speaker is understood by the listener. Verderber(1984) describes effective communication in the following words;   Effective communication is communication in which the meaning that is stimulated is like, similar to,  or the same as that within the communicator. In short effective communication is shared meaning _shared ideas and feelings

             In order to be adequately equipped for effective communication at all levels, there is need for a proper understanding. Of what communication entails. It is also necessary to acquire the requisite skills for effective communication and to know how information can be transfered and obtain from different kind of publics. Communication is simply the act of transferring information from one place, person or group to another. Every communication involves (at least) one sender, a message and a recipient. ... The transmission of the message from sender to recipient can be affected by a huge range of things.

      Five steps to better effective communication 

Effective communication

In your daily live try to apply this basic simple steps for an effective live style with people around you. The steps are as follows :

Effective listening 

This has to do with you being concentrated and very sensitive with the activities going on around you.  Being attentive unto the speaker from reading his lips and predicting his next word. When you are under stress you will not be able to listen attentively to what people are saying.  when you become a good listener you will always be informed.

Expressing your self effectively 

First if all you will need to observe your self ,arrange your words accordingly to sequence and bring out a meaning.  Time is an effective tool for you to use and ponder on your though so that the message you are trying to pass will be receive by your audiences clearly in situations of problems or misunderstanding don't be quick to speak or generalise the problem on group,stick to the topic of discussion to avoid more problems. 

effective interpretation of body language 

The body language is also a form of communication thou it is nonverbal and yet it could be understand some times , we pick the message the other person is passing across but ignore the message. 

When you are engage in a discussion with your partner watch the sign and movement if his body make sure you avoid eye contact and cross arms .

be aware of your differences 

The way some one will perceive a message may not be the same with Mr B ur C, different understanding lead to defferent expectation and result. Avoid misinterpretation and put your self in the shoes of your partner and know how he or she will feel when you make a particular sentence if word, make sure the message is being receive and is waiting for feed back to avoid a bridge in communication. 

effective conflict resolution 

The problem of conflict will keep arising as long as people are still living together.  It can occur at any time because of communication bridge or misunderstanding, every body will have will have his black and white thinking on what the belief and practice 

Thou disagreement can stipulate discussion that could lead to positive impact on the society and even bring people together for a cudial relationship. 

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