There is no doubt that information and communication technology (ICT) has made life easier to a generality of people. Some of which are positive contribution of ICT include ease of access  to information via internet,  satellite , telecommunication .etc. However despite the positive impact that information and communication technology   ICT has made on the society , ICT especially the computer still has adverse effect on the environment . some of the negative effects of include electronic waste such as computer monitors and laptop batteries ,  which contain heavy metals such as lead , mercury and cadmium that are poisonous to the human environment. Others includes cyber crimes ,  nude pictures , pornography film etc. This article examine the negative effect of ICT on the environment and suggests measures such as e cycling , consumer awareness campaigns , application of manufactures data sheet , to be taken to control the effects.


         An  environment according to wikipidia internet encyclopidia (2013), encompasses all the living and non living things ocuring naturaly on the earth or some region thereof. It is environment that encompassed the interaction of all living beings and species. Similarly the word net web(2031) describes an environment as the area in which something's exist or lives . in the same vein sees environment as our surrounding. Furthermore, the free online dictionary refer to an environment as external conditions.

Or surroundings , especially those in which people live or work this includes living and non living things around us. The non living component of the environment are land , water  air the living while the living component are terms, plant , animal and people.

      It is no more news that information and communication technology ICT plays a vital role in human life and the society at large. The importance of ICT in the society ranges from their user in education as teaching aids to their application in financial institution such as banks and industries for quality control , media houses for graphic animation , and telecommunication. Technology has automated many of the critical processes in the industries as well as the household. The electronic gadget that have entered  the homes of the people and common man have saved him from many daily work in household. 

The computer  technology needless to say , has change the face of the world , computers can store , organise and manage huge amount of data and process large amount of information . computer have given rise to the software industry one of the most progressive industries in the world today. The internet that seeded from the computer networking concept is the mid effective communication platform and the larges in the world today. The internet has brought and important positive change to the entertainment industries and advertisement  can reach the masses within seconds over the online media the entertainment media has.

Progressed only because of the advancement in technology. Cellular communication has revolutionaries the communication industry. The Conventional  telephone , also a piece of technology , was one if the earliest technological development in communication but mobile phones have broadened the horizons of communication enabling convenient long distance calling.

        Satellite communication is another important dimension of information and communication technology. Satellite TV and Satellite radios have eased the broadcasting of event across the globe wiki answers (accessed March 2013) also revealed that computers make communication easy ,  faster and comfortable through electronic mails and instants chatting mechanism. It also makes researching a lot easier , faster and cheaper. Computers can also search for jobs , schools, people , vacations , flight etc faster , easier and cheaper.

The educational sector is not left out of the benefit of ICT. Umar stated (2005) that the application of information and communication technology to learning or the school system crimes along with if access to global volume of learning resource and network. In the same vein . gentiles (2004) stated that educational soft ware and video games can indeed have several positive effects on children academic skills.


  These are only a few of the field s influence by information and communication technology on the society. No wonder , ubara (2006) stated that information and communication.Technology ICT has had a significant impact on the way of live in such a way that no other technology has done before. He added that ICT has transformed the way we do things including the way teaching and learning is done such that distance no longer presents barriers to effective and information and communication.  Some of the other negative effect of the information communication technology on the environment include the following

health effect 

: it can damage the eyes wiki answer (2013), reveals that frequent work with the computer cause the eye muscles to get tired after extended use , resulting in eye strain neck pain, blurry vision , headaches or difficulty changing focus.

Social effects

:it is easy for little kids to visit pornography, and other immoral site .it isolate people from the outside world , and many people especially teenagers become addicted to social media and networking site such as face book and don't do their homework and eventually drop out from school.

CHEMICAL EFFECT:computers are made out of plastic and metals metals harvested from the environment pollute not only the land but many water supply which are hard and expensive to clean up . computers also use energy to operate and the energy consumption is far from being environmental friendly. The energy used to operate the computer most likely come from burning coal harvesting the coal pollute land water and burning the coal pollute the air.

electronic effects

:electronic waste ( e waste) scraps, or waste electrical and electronically equipment (WEE) describes loosely discard , surplus absolute or broken down electronics devices some electronic scrap component such as CRTs contains contaminants such as lead , cadmium , beryllium,  mercury and bromomated flames retardant which environmental expert say cause serous health and pollution problems .once electronic  become isolate they are dumped on the land fields , making them hazardous to the environment .

Other negative effect of information communication technology is

cyber crime

 for instance the activities of what is popularly called internet fraud stars where the internet and even telephone are used to extort valuables such as money from innocent citizens and peoples. 

Pornography; this is popular among the youths where valuable time is spent on watching such videos and sex films.

Social networking site ; thus include services such as Facebook,  YouTube , twitter,etc where most valuable time are spent by people today.


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