Bitcoin is a fast growing industry that allows individuals to make money by investing in bitcoin mining. Bitcoin price has being on the raise and has gain popularity all over the globe, which make s payment easy ,fast  and instantly for  just a little cost. Investors are aiming high for profit on return on investment, bitcoin is a very safe platform for mining wealth in the digital Cryptocurrencies network as it 8s trending in it wake.

Making money with bitcoin mining 

You may want to ask what of those that have on idea about how bitcoin mining works ? Or is it late for such individuals to join and start making money with bitcoin mining?. The answer to this questions is No; For those who have passion and are complete novice to bitcoin mining and also for investors that are willing to enroll in the bitcoin mining platform; here are the basic and effective ways you can start the journey for your financial freedom. 

1.Making micro earnings

Individuals that have patience in them will have an added advantage and do not mind on being bored by advertisement, these set of people can make money (free bitcoin). Just by engaging in little tasks. Many of Bitcoin faucet websites are on the pay to click (PTC) format; all you need to do is visit the site and complete setting tasks that is given, it can be clicking on a recaptcha ,or watching a video ,advertisement, game playing and you get little amount of bitcoin. Then all you need to do is to return to the site and watch how your earnings grow; that's sound good right.  When you engage in full watching of videos you  can typically earn up to $0.5 to $0.40.
It may not be the most lucrative way to make money. But then t is mostly free to start.

2.Create a faucet

Faucet sites are great for making small amount of Bitcoin, but if an individual is ready and commited and is willing to put in more effort and time you could increase your money greatly by running and producing a Bitcoin faucet for your self.  

      This can be done by establishing your own  website and charge companies and firms to run advertisement on your site or blog and you will be paid in bitcoin format. This will attract more traffic to your site and your revenue will quickly shoot up. 
When creating a faucet  it usually come with some challenges, you will need capital to run and manage the website and your audience will also take little time to grow and also take you your time and effort. But when the site becomes up and running it can generate revenue and you will make money if around $1000 each month with your dedication.

3. Enroll to be an affiliate 

You can start making money by simply becoming an affiliate to a company or firm dealing with cryptocurrency.
Thus is done by signing up to the affiliate marketing platform in this  program you win be expected to promote a specific product or services for free and each time a customer make a purchase in the company you will then get your own commission for the sales. When you enroll  you will be given a personal and private affiliate site link, yours is just to promote and market it, thus can be simply done by placing the link to your websites,social  handles or even running an adverts campaign. Most affiliate platforms are very lucrative in making money and more cryptocurrenciesa companies are into this offer.  For example most affiliate programs.  Run by give it clients an impressive 50% of the total revenue generated from every customer the refer to the program also those given new clients 13% discount on trading commision.


Trading is the most known ways to make money with Bitcoin mining,  the demand for cryptocurrency trading is widely accepted. Unlike the global stock exchange network that are only open for business from 9:30am to 4:30pm daily, the global Bitcoin mining never closes. This simply means that coins can be sold and bought by investors 24 hours all year round and does not matter were you are in the globe. When you sign up to a bitcoin platform you can Chang our fiat money for cryptocurrency and aim to make money trading bitcoin. Most times investors don't need to work them self out because several companies have produce trading apps to make it easy on mobile phones for bitcoin mining quickly and efficient were ever you are. 
If you follow the rule attach with the trading of cryptocurrency you will make money, do your research and understand how it works before you venture into it to avoid loss of money. Once you have selected an exchange establish a trading plan on how long and how often you will engage in trading using your leverage.

5. Bitcoin mining 

When we talk about how to make money it is almost impossible not to talk about bitcoin mining.  As said earlier it is easy to setup on your home computer or phones and join the global network blockchian ledger,and you earn free bitcoin, truely many individual who are involve in the early days made lots of money from bitcoin mining, unfortunately for some this is no longer a choice that buying and mining the complex equipments required for mining bitcoin with cloud mining , an individual can mine bitcoin with low stress. However some may be legit cloud mining firm while some can be scam site for this reason research and investigate before you invest with any cloud mining platform

6. Lending platforms of cryptocurrwncy

Investors who are already holding Bitcoin and watching the digital cryptocurrenciesa market under a long term basis ,eventually there are often other ways to make money. Lending platforms if cryptocurrency give s investors the chance and opputunities to make money with bitcoin loans to individuals and in turn make interest in it. Some sites can offer the interest rate of 8% to 15% th8s will also requires low effort from the lenders and can be entising. Therefore at this point the decentralise and the part that is unregulated in the cryptocurrenncy can be to our disadvantage were by if a banking institution fails the customer can be guaranteed that their deposit are save.  On digital coin there will be no such protection, this means that one Can loss all his money.  If it becomes nessesery for you to engage in crptocurrency lending, trade with caution, research carefully before you proceed with your investment. 
With this basic way to make money  with bitcoin mining your most sure that your return on investment (ROI) will be achieve
For further reading how to buy and sell bitcoin.

Assuming you already have a Coinbase account, here's how to trade Bitcoin on Coinbase:

1. On the main Coinbase page, click on "Buy/Sell" in the top menu.

2. On the next page, select "Bitcoin" from the list of currencies.

3. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy/sell in the provided field.

4. Click on the "Buy/Sell" button to complete the transaction.

It's that simple! You can also use Coinbase to trade other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.


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