Careers you can find in marketing and sales

At this point, you can devote some attention to the career opportunities that exist in the broad field of marketing. There are a number of jobs available in the marketing field.  This jobs cover a wide range of activities. Further more, this wide variety of jobs also cover a range of qualifications and aptitudes. Jobs in personal selling, for example, call for set of qualifications that that is different from those in marketing research. A person is likely to be successful in advertisong may not be a good prospect in physical distribution. Consequently, the personal qualifications and aptitudes of different individuals make them candidates for some type of marketing job. 

Personal selling: marketing 

By far, sales jobs are the most numerous of all the jobs in marketing. Personal selling Jobs.
1. Cover a wide variety of activities 
2. .Are found in a variety of organisations 
3. Carry a wide variety of titles.
The are opputunities to earn a very high income in personal selling.  This is especially true when the compensation plan is straight commission, or in a combination of salary plus a significant incentive element.  A sales job is the mist common entry level position in marketing. 
Further more, a sales job is a widely used stepping stone to a management position. Many company (manufacturers, retailer service firms ,and others) recruit people for sales jobs with the intention of promoting or all of them intoangement position. Personal selling and sakes management jobs are also a good route to the top in a firm, because it is relatively easy to measure a person s performance and productivity in selling.  Sales result are highly visible. A sales jobs different from other jobs in several significant ways. 
1.sales people represents their company to customers and to the public in general. The public ordinarily does not judge a firm by its factory or office personal 
2. Outside sales people (those who go to the customer, in contrast to a situation where the customer come to the seller) operate with very little of no direct personal supervision and stimulation. These jobs freqeutly require a considareble amount of creativity, persistence, and self motivation 
3. Because of customer contact, sales jobs require more tact (wisdom),and social intelligence than do others jobs on the same level in an organisation. 
4. Sales people are authorise to spend company money in connection with their travel entertainment, and other business expenses. 
5. Sales jobs freqeutly involve travelling and require much time away from home and family 
6. Unfortunately, personal selling Jobs generally rate low in social status and prestige. All in all,selling is hard work,  but the potential rewards are immense . Certainly, no other job contrbutes as much to the success of an organisation. He member, nothing happens until someboby sells something.

           Advertising marketing 

As in personal selling,so also in advertising there are many different types of jobs in a wide variety of organising.  However, there are not nearly so many people employed in advertising as in personal selling. Advertising job career are available in three broad types of organization.  First there jobs with the advertisers. Many of these organisation, manufacturers, retailers, and marketers of service prepare and once their own ads.  In some cases, the advertising department is a big operation in these firm. Then there are careers with the various media (newspapers,Tv stations organisations etc) that carry ads.  And finally ,there are the many jobs with the advertising agencies, which specialise in creating and producing individual ads and entire campaigns.  Jobs in advertising require a variety of aptitudes and interest (autistic, creative, managerial,research and sales)  and other.  There is a real opputunities for the artustucor creative type of person.  Agencies and advertising department need copy writers, artist, photographers, layout designers, printing expert, and others create and produce the ads.  A key position in advertising agencies is that of account executive. People in this position are the liaison between the agency and it clients (advertisers).  Account executive coordinate the agency s effort with the clients marketing plan and programmes. Another group of advertising jobs involves buying and selling the media time and space.  Advertisers and agencies also often need people who can conduct consumer behaviour studies and other types of marketing research. 

        Sales promotion :marketing

The main function of a sales promotion is to coordinate the actuvities in personal selling and advertising. Effective sales promotion requires imagination and creativity coupled with sound foundation in marketing fundamentals. One group if sales promotion activities involves retailer in in_store ,and window displays planning, designing, and creating them. Another area of sales promotion jobs involves direct_mail advertising programmes, trade shows,  and other company exhibits. Sales promotion activities also include the developing and managing of premium giveaway, contests, sales meetings, product sampling, and other types of promotion. 

         Marketing research

Marketing research people are problem solvers.  They collect and analyze masses of information. Consequently, you need an aptitude for methodical, analytical types of work.  Typically ,some quantitative skills are needed. It helps if you understand statistics and feel comfortable using a computer. 

         Purchasing :marketing

The opposite of selling is buying and here there a lot of good jobs. Every retail organisations needs people to buy the merchandise that is to be sold.  Frequently, the way to the top in retailing is through the buying (also called mechandising) division of the business. Large retailers have many positions for buyers and assistant buyers.  Typically, each merchandise department had a buyer.  Consequently, you have a chance to work with the particular products that interest you.  The purchasing agent is the industrial market counterpart of the retail -store buyer.  Virtually all firms in the industrial market have purchasing department. People in these department buy for the production, for the office and also but for department in their firms. Retail buyers and industrial purchasing agents need many of the skills. You must be able to analyse market, determine your merchandise needs and negotiate with seller, etc. 

          Public relation : marketing

The public relations department in an organisation is the connecting link between that organisations and it's various public's. Customer. The department especially must deal with, or go through, the news media to reach these public's.  Public relations people must be especially good in communication infact ,frequently these people have educational background in communication  or journalism, rather than in marketing. In essence, the public relations job is to project the desired  companies image to the public. More specifically, public relations people are responsible for telling the public about the company (it's products, community activities, social programmes, environmental improvement activities, labour policies, views regarding controversial issues, and so on.  The company's positions must be stated clearly, understandable, and above all, believable fashion in This country  many marketing careers job opputunities can be found in the manufacturing and retailing industries. 

           Manufacturing : marketing

Most manufacturing firms provides career job opportunities in all the Activities discussed previously.  In thier promotional mix, some manufacturers emphasis on personal selling, while others rely on advertising.

       Retailing : marketing

Retailing firms provide by far more marketing jobs than any other organisational category.  Yet careers in retailing typically are not well understood by graduating students searching for marketing jobs. A career in retailing offers many attracting features.  These are opputunities for advancement on the job 
for those who display real ability.  While the starting pay is lower than in manufacturing, the compensation in higher level retailing jobs typically is very good.  And generally speaking, retailing offers you a better opputunities to go into business for yourself than its true in many other fields of course, retailing in not all fun since hours you spend on work can be long, and the work is hard. 

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