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Looking for your dream job abroad could be stressful but with the right steps you will surely achieve your goals. These entire notes has been design to help and teach you the fundamentals involve in finding your dream job abroad and marketing program.  These fundamentals are applicable regardless of weather you are marketing a product, services, sales person, idea or place. They are equally application 
1. To large and small organisations
2. To domestic and international marketing and ,
3. To business and non business organisations.
Now let us see whether we can apply these fundamentals to a programme design to market you and find a job abroad.  In other words, we shall now discuss a marketing approach that you can use to seek and find a job abroad and also get you started on a career. Here, we are talking about a marketing career and job abroad.  This same approach that we are going to take can be used in finding jobs abroad and career in any field. 

Step 1: identify and analyse the job market
The first step in building a marketing programme is to identify and analyse the job market abroad.  In this case, the market is your future employer. Rigth now you do not know exactly that target market is. So you must research several possible job markets, and then eventually narrow down your choice. In effect, we are talking about "choosing a career. The first thing you should do is to get as much  business information as you can, regarding various job opportunities in the market abroad. For information source, you might start with one or two of your teacher, professor, or your colleagues. News paper and business journal are also another good informatiin source. In summary, learn all you can about various firms and industries. Then ,from this information search, zero in on the few companies that are your leading choices. You will then be ready to develop the marketing mix that will be effective in marketing your self to your target market job abroad. 

Step 2: The product

In this case the "product " you are planning and developing is your self and your services. You want to make your self as attractive as possible to the job market abroad,(that is, prospective employers). Start your product planning by listing in some details your strong and weak points. These will lead into another list which is your qualifications and achievements.  This self analysis is something that must be done in connecting with a choosing job abroad or career.  When you are considering your qualification, it may help to group them in broad categories such as;
1. Education (school attended, certificate earned, GPA,  major subjects, etc) 
2. Work experience if any (part time and full time) 
3. Honors and awards. 
4. Extracurricular activities 
5. Hobbies
6. Organisational membership, offices, communities etc 

Step 3: The price 

When you find the job abroad what salary do you want?  How much do you think we should pay you you?  These are a couple of question a prospective employer may ask you in a job interview.  These questions may throw you off if you have not done something in advance regarding the price you want for your services. As part of your marketing programme, find out what the market price for people entering your field. Talk with job and career counsellors, professional and others who are in the job market abroad.  From these sources ,you should get a pretty good ideas of starting salaries in entry level positions. 

Step 4: Distribution channel

There are only a few major channel you are likely to use in marketing yourself for a job position abroad to prospective employers.  The simplest channel is your school if it has some connections with any prospective employers. Another channel is newspaper or other media job and advertisement. Perhaps the most difficult, but often the most rewarding channel is going directly to firms in which are specially interested. That is knock on doors or write letters seeking for job interviews abroad. Many employers look favourably on people who display this kind of initiative in their search to find a job abroad. 

Step 5: promotion/communication

Other than planning and developing an excellent product, the most important ingredients in your marketing mix is a good promotion or communication programme. Your promotional mix will consist primarily of written communication ; a form of advertising and interviewing; a form of personal selling. Frequently, your first contact with a prospective employer is a cover letter in which you state briefly why you are writing to that company and what you have to offer. You enclose your curriculum vitae, and you request an appointment for formal or information interview.

Step 6: Job cover letter 

In the opening paragraph of your job cover letter, you should indicate why you want to work for the firm.  Mention a couple of key points regarding the firm :points that you learned from your research). In the second paragraph, you can present a few highlight of your own experience of jobs that make you an attractive prospect. In the third paragraph state that you are enclosing your curriculum vitae and request an appointment for an job interview, even suggesting dates and time. 

Step 7: The curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae (CV) also called the data sheet is really a brief history of your self.  You can start with some biographical information such as you name, address, phone number,age ,marital status,and physical condition. Then devide the curriculum vitae into sections ,including (education, work,  experience, and activities that were listed above in the product section).  The final sections of your curriculum vitae should be your reference. Some writers suggest that you simply say "reference furnished upon request " I however, strongly suggest that you list your referees by name, also given their titles, and addresses. Make it as easy as possible for prospective employers to check your reference.  It is difficult to overstate the value of a good job cover letter and distinctive curriculum vitae. They are critically important element in your job finding.  They are certainly two of the most important ads you will will ever write. 

Step 8: Job interview 

An experience personnel selling; in this case ,you are selling yourself. People are often uncomfortable, un-coordinated and fearful in job interviews.  As a result, on good idea is to start by interviewing with companies that you are not especially interested in working for them.  In effect, this are practice job interviews, so if you did not do well in any of them, it will not be a great loss, these practice job interviews will also help you later in handling the tough questions that sometimes are asked. These are questions such as "why should we hire you? Why do you think you are good enough to work for us,?what kind of job do you expect to have in five years to come? " Your conduct in an interview often determine whether or not you get the job. So be on guard ( Be honest in your answers, and try to look relaxed and confident even though you might not feel that way ). Make sure your clothing, grooming ,and general appearance are very much in line with the environment of the particular employer. After the interview with the company have been completed, we're a letter to the interviewers. Thank them for the opputunity to meet them, and state that you hope you will hear from them soon regarding the job. Certainly, finding  a job  upon graduation can be very exciting experience and yet at times for many people, difficult and worrisome. 
I hope that these tips I offered here, will brief and furnish you with some ideas that will be helpful in finding job and career decision. For business ideas and how to start your own business you can do well to visit the above site for more clarification on how to find a job. 

Finding a job abroad may not be easy but when you apply the basic step and follow the protocol involve in applying for visa and documentation, depending on what type of job you are looking for abroad whether it is informal or formal type of job abroad, your sure to succeed by the legal method with basic skills and education qualification you will be able to apply for any type of job abroad.

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