Entrepreneurs and small scale business owners are always looking for ways to expand their customer base and influence
small businesses  can take time to be establish but with right business ideas the customer base will surely increase in the long run.  For fundamental growth of the business is having a steady stream of sales leads.  Such as afflicted programs such as amazon etc. The effective tips and ideas for a system that will generate sales capacity and increase your customer is as follows; 

Have an effective marketing strategy

For your small scale business always have a strategy on how and we're you want to sale your products. Weather it will be sold in the market or will bars on delivery services or even at home you will to figure this out before you will start generating profit through sales. 

Use social media to generate customer 

Creat a social media handle were you will be advertising your products and ideas and engage not with your customers social media such as facebook, twitter, YouTube e t c. This will increase your online presence and customers can even make orders online with their full details. 

Create an effective brand 

Have a brand name for your product or small business, the way you package your  product will determine how your customers will react and how effective your sales will be remember this always.
As the saying goes "you are address the way you dress. 

Use email newsletters to build business relationships

This method is an effective way to generate sales to your small scale business. To know how to use newsletters  build an email list were customer can subscribe to your products online which will give your customers updates to the new product or prices of goods you offer at the moment it so an important give you want you sales to increase.

Have a sales funel 

Creat a menu were the list of customers doing business with you to keep in touch for future demands of the product. At this junction having a customer relationship manager (CRM) is not a bad idea get to know your target audience and customers apply the KYC method and see how your level of sales will increase positively.

Promote your business and products 

Engage in the promotion of your products through advertising and exposing the brand to media stations such as the radio, television and search engine. Do this periodically and watch how your sales with sky rocket to profit maximization. you can also create stickers , T shirts and bangles as gift to your customer and targeted audiences. 
Apply this strategies and your business will grow to the next level increasing sales there by turning your small scale business into a big brand that can compete with any up coming competitors in the business environment.

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