Africa is a continent in the world with different ethnic groups and contries. Some of the top business ideas and opputunities are raising in Africa. With the abundant natural resources Africa is becoming a top business ideas hub in the commity of nations, making it a center for business activities.

Business Africa

If you are business man or an entrepreneur looking for top business ideas and opportunities, African is the  sure place to be ,the continent is rapidly growing and more innovation ,creativity and new ideas are are being found. We will be looking at the top business ideas and opputunities that can be found in the continent of Africa . 

Top business ideas and opputunities in Africa 

1. entertainment and media; business ideas in Africa

The entertainment industry has grown rapidly over the pass decade with new talents being discovered every day Eg the music and movie sector has seen tremendous improvement . The show business will be a sure cash out point for people interested in the industry ,people love to celebrate and have a good time. When you organise a show that will feature some Internationl stars both in the music and the movie world be rest assured that the ticket for the event will be bought and There will be no space to accommodate the fans that will attend the program. For example in Nigeria the  Music Industry is contributing to the growth and development of the economy and the government collect taxes and also invest in the industry to make it well package a good example will be the Lagos State government that always make sure the interest of both the artists and the fans are being respected in the show business. 

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2.agricultural production business ideas in Africa

In Africa today the agricultural sector is the biggest employer of labour many people are engage in agricultural activitie.
With the  vast land available in the African continent business men and entrepreneur should take advantage of this great opportunity to invest in the business because it is less expensive and you are 95 percent sure on your return on investment ,for some business guide check Start your investment . The agrow Business is wide to accommodate a lot of people from crop farming ,animal breeding ,cash crops, livestock etc such cash crops can generate much money for you because of it value in the international market.


3.Beauty and fashion business ideas in Africa

The fashion industry is not left out in the business world in Africa .With the production of local fabric ,African stores that sell African custoom. With best attention to modelling and clothing the benefit to be derive from investing your resources in the sector will be positive. Individuals all around the world today are demanding for fabric produce in Africa to create new designs and blend the fashion industry with both the western world and Africa design.  Black is beautiful; with the emergence of the cosmetic and creams to make the skin tone glow. Outing your money in the beauty world is a sure way to go  women love to look good and want the skin to shine so that the can attract men to them ,now days even the men folks are consine with the well being of their skin ,so investing in the beauty and fashion is a best choice you will ever make when starting a Business Start your business today 

4. real estate and housing business ideas in Africa

Another top business opputunities is found in the real state industry with the increasing  number of people and population growth the demand for houses are in the increase taking advantage of the opputunities is profitable and the value of your asset will keep incresing not depreciating because land is another factor of production that has economical value attach to it for example you can build an estate were people can lodge in monthly ,yearly or even daily depending of the nature on how you run the business and your payment are done through your agents that will mean that you will be in the comfort of your home and still be making money each year all around. 

Business estate

5. technology and internet business ideas in Africa

The world has become a technological driving globe with more people wanting to own gadget for both business and personal use, investment on the internet and technology is a profitable venture . New technology emerge every day and people want to be the first to own such gadget taking advantage of this to import such technologies to Africa will be big huge income earning sector which will generate more customers that will buy those products. Africa is in deep need of new machine that can help in growing population to develop faster for example the agricultural sector  is demanding sophisticated technologies to help in processing of raw materials into finish goods.


once you have a business plan and looking for a place to establish such business Africa should be your destination.  According to the World Bank the continent of African is expecting a huge number of investments in the coming years ahead so don't be left out for this great opportunity that is presenting it self now. The raw materials in the continent are yet to be hanance  and the room is wide open and accommodating for multinational companies to come and further invest their business for optimal profit maximization .


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