The global  financial sector in the past few years witness a shift to the sudden growth in digitization and online engagement. This was caused by the impact of the covid 19 pandemic that ravage the whole world economy. The stock exchange shot down services on the trading platform and utilise the mobile banking transaction spike, remote trading and also personal apps use for trading saw an increase record in transaction vulome, and customer relations personal kept attending to their client from home because of the lock down order.  As the global financial sector Esma's able to meet up with the digital revulosion and also continued it services and operations . It was now confirmed that the change in the way we do things are not trasient. Institution of financial activities are now coming up with names strategies and ideas to back up there tools  of operation that they were preciously using and relied on.  In this paper we will be looking at some major ways later out that are likely to take over and dominate the financial sector discussion and road maps in technology for the coming years. 

1.Modernization of dated core system will be imperatively 

The past years has put the global financial sector to the test and challenging the infrastructure on ground and assumptions in the architectural plan. Many of such systems were not deeply rooted to face the sudden change the found them self and most core system suffered and struggle to over come the added challenges posse by the pandemic, programs that are meant to support the people such as the payment protection program (ppp) in the United State witness a heavy demand in loans and other parlaitive program but the processing and manual checks for approval of such grants became a bottle necks and a problem. 
As the demand for capital and finance increase by the small and medium enterprise,lenders were face with the challenges of risk management system to meet the demand of such individuals, updating legacy under writing because of the slow movement of processed data and information. It hindered the ability to know the real time analysis and rapid response to the needs of customers. The financial sector tried to over come the challenges of what most economist called "the great shot down" ,the need for new modern, secure, agile, system became nessesery for the coming years ahead. Related: lending(fast tracking the home loan process)

2. The banking sector goes beyond cash with digital engagement 

In the past years the society was full wit cash influx, huge cash needed to be carried around as recorded that contactless payment was becoming a num in the societies across Asia and Europe.  Even in America who are determine to move to a cashless society a 27% of business in the United States had an increase in the amount of contactless transaction by customers because if the covid 19 pandemic this was reported in a survey in April 2020. It is forecast that the trend will continue in the coming years. It is also said that 75% of customers globally will continue to use contactless transactions method even after the civic 19 sourge. It is expected that the contactless transactions will grow to the tune of $10.3 billion in 2020 to $18 billion by the year 2025 with a compound growth annually of 11.7% as forcasted. This will extend to the banking sector and other financial institution.  44% of the customers  in in the banking sector engage on mobile application to do their business and transactions. The traditional and financial tech companies brought apps or upgraded the once on ground to meet up with demand to match the need of the customers ,as the down load of app increases the transaction skyrocketed. In the past years the high demand for transaction by customers growing need for mobile banking and solutions the financial sector must adopt and continue to invest in the areas of artificial intelligence AI, modern data and analytic tools and digital platforms 

3. The insurance sector becomes personal

The past year witness a major health challenges, distress, in the economy with an uncertain future of events. The insurance companies restragise on how they do business to meet with the current challenges with an immediate way to provide stability, peace, comfort for there client for example providers of auto insurance offered as refund and discount to reduce the level of driving. The health insurance firms also adjusted their premium to balance with non essentials surgeries. This shows clearly that most decision is centered to the need of the customers. Making the level of personalization for clients will require an increase in the technological infrastructure which will enable firms to know the real time analysis from vast amount of streaming data. 

4. Wholesales and institutional trades were off the trading floor

Suddenly global financial institutions and wholesales were no longer subjected to Co operate trading flow and other small Handfull and growing firms tailored their essential workers and we're required to work on website, most firms made their workers to function from the comfort of their homes.  As the exchange market and flow of trading with shot down all over the globe the assumption that business and trading will work from office over the corporate enterprise and data centers became a real live suitaution that will be accepted and remodeled.
The new world now with the global financial activities that was done physically the employment of technologies were use for operation and engaging on meeting online, infrastructure like cloud will be included in the global economy to meet up with the current challenges facing the financial sectors.

Working from home must be done across institutions of global financial services 

 For the past years, there was a wide spread of work at home which affected business and firms, this challenges made firms to keep in touch with the employees to be  engage, connected and productive. Most  global financial institutions became unavailable just of a sudden because of the pandemic. The entire global financial sector labour force, traders, bankers and support personel function and relied on the home internet services to find solutions to the work. Vitaul meetings were held to determine and combat the current challenges facing the world. This solution need to take into consideration the global financial distribution work force, which include business that need high speed connectivity and qualitative analysis and vast amount of capacity to compute data the worker will need to adapt to the new work environment with am intensive mobile and digital knowledge to support the productivity of the person and the customer will also depend heavily on helpful tools centered on cloud to balance the boundaries in the coming years ahead. 

6. Creativity and innovation is the new status quo

While the past year was full of struggle from many insight it also brought some positive impact and prove the creativity and innovation if applied in the right way and time is always a game changer. The way the globalfinancial sector responded rapidly to the pandemic to help the various clients will be the speed they will want to keep on doing. And they will require creativity and innovation as a culture to be embedded into the institutions, from the likes of the  global financial sector, regulators, vendors, and managers. The coming years will come with a different approach and transformations of how things are being done in the past years. This will encourage working together for the betterment of every body to create a cheaper, more inclusive,safer and equitable financial sector. 

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