Every business Enterprise needs to create a website for it's business, all business owners and enterprenuers must take advantage of this digital platform to market and show case their product to wider range of potential customers.

Business website

Steps to create a website for business:

Firstly if you have a business name it will make it easy to start make sure you register your business name with the right authorities.

Buy a domain name;

You start by purchasing a domain name that describes your type of business for example you are into automobile you can decide to use speeddrive.com depending on what your brand represent. How to do this is by signing up with company that sales domain for example you can use  Https://www.blushost.com/ or Https://www.truehost.com/

The domain name will be your identity on the search engine for customer to easily locate you when the search for website on the internet making your business visible to the whole world

Purchase hosting:

The next step is to buy hosting for the domain that you already bought you can use the same company were you bougth the domain name the company will host your business domain , this will help you be in charge of the website for business.

Have a logo:

Create a logo for your brand and upload to the site theme for effective marketing, if you are not conversant with logo design employ the service of an expect to help you create a well branded logo that shows the service you offer.

Sites to create a website for business:

The various sites you can use to create a website for business can be as follows , this are the major platform you can use;


WordPress is one of the best platform to begin and create a website for business, all you need is have a Gmail account and then sign up to WordPress.com there after you will need to install your preferred theme an redesign the pages you want on the website. Create the major pages, for example the about page ,contact page, privacy policy, terms and conditions etc. This will enable your customers locate and contact you when they need anything


Blogger is a site that can affordable provide  and create a website for business,just like wordpress you will only need your Gmail to sign up and begin chose a theme create pages and redesign the logo on the theme to fit into the type of business you are into, blogger is a free platform from Google and it is easy to use and create a website for business.

Facebook page

Create a Facebook page with Facebook.com
Upload your business logo with the name of your company, make post on the product and  services you offer frequently and share them to groups and subgroup on the various social media platforms this will increase your online presence as a business owner and draw customers to your website.

Google my business

Google my business is a free platform provide by Google team to show case your business to the world, this is done by creating a Google my business account were by will be required to use your email to enroll and input your Business name , location,contact number and a site for. Reference porpose. Google my business is one of the easiet way to create a website for business in today's world market and you will have the advantage to post your products online for the world to see and buy eventually.

Creating a website for your business make your brand look standard and give the general impression that you are ready for business, this will expose and improve your business for the whole world to see which will result in the business getting more customers and follows who will be willing to partner with you. I will advise every business owner should endevour to create a website for his or her business venture so that you can increase revenue that is coming to your pourse, and also your product and services popularity.

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