Every businesses enterprises goal is to increase sales revenue in a business and ultimately maximise profit for the growth and development of the business, in this article we will be looking at ways to increase sales revenue in business and the major strategies to be use to achieve the targeted set goal. Marketing your product can be hectic but with good planning the business will record a tremendous increase in the sales of product or services this major step are best for new business owners and enterprenuers.

Increase sales

Ways to increase sales revenue in a business

Below are the basic ways you can increase sale revenue in a business;


Through advertising you can generate sales by using the media stations for advert placement it be on television or radio this will provide the opportunities for potential customers to know the type of product and services your offer, the advert must be captivating and engaging to the standard by which it can pasuade the general public to buy from you.

Go for promo;

For you to increase sales in a business try and engage in promotion of the business by physically promoting the business. Have a truck and some musical gadget with marketers on board so as to draw attention to the product being marketed, do this all round the market and location that are viable and can attracts sales.

Use socail media marketing;

The social media is one of the best ways to increase sales revenue in a business this provide you with a wider range of potential customers. Create a page and show case your product and services to your audience. Make sure you regularly update the page for more engagement and your customers will be willing to buy form you which will result in increase of sales revenue in a business

Market your business to family and friends;

This is another effective ways to increase sales revenue in a business, market what you do to people around you it could be family members it yourin your friends at school or working place ,let them know the services your offer or the product you sale. Be efficient about it because some may try not pay because of the familiarity, and this type of action can reduce your revenue in the long run. Your family an friend can also tell the friends about your business this goes on and on before you know it your sales has increase because demand will increase.

Create a website for your business;

Creating a website for your business will help bust your business presence online. You can do that by creating a free Google my business acount on Google this will indicate the location of your business, your contact number and web address. Each time a potential customer searches the internet for a service or product you offer your business identity will appear and he or she can decide to check you up by using the information you provided during creating the site for example you are into backery each time a search on donut is done your site will pup up for the potential customers to make their oders which will result in your business getting more demand and there will be and increase in sales revenue in a business.

Standard product and services;

For you to increase sales revenue in a business your product and services must be up to standard and accepted by the general public, make you have a quality product that can stand the test of time, avoid producing low standard product and services to your customers this will automatically increase sales revenue in a business and give your business the desired recognition in the market. On like other product that can be pirated provide a logo or a unique features to differentiate your original product and the fake one that may arise in the market, this will help check mate and keep you in business.

Have a physical store or an office;

Having a physical store or an office can also increase sales revenue in a business, this will give the business a sense of belonging in the market system were your customers can come for purchase or enquiry for the service they need , it will also make the business look legit to the general public , most people prefer to see what they are buying before purchasing , thus is normal because they want to avoid being scam so for your business to have a location were customers can come and be attended physically will quarantee an increase in sales revenue in a business.

Idetify with an association in your type of business;

Identifying with an association can also booster your sales revenue in business because it provide you with a platform to mingle with your fellow colleagues in the business were by if there is any information of high demand and the other business owner is out of stock he or she can channel the sale to the other business colleagues for him to benefit , this is all achieve because that individual is a member of the 

Build a good customer relation:

A good customer relation can increase sales revenue in a business, make you have a department that handles customers complain when the encounter any challenges when using the product it services. This will give the general public confidence to patronize the firm because they know that they will be attended to when they are in need, always be polite when attending to such customers

Make your prices affordable:

The prices of your goods and services can influence the sales revenue, were by the product price is average and affordable for most people to buy ,don't be to rigid in your price preferences
Be understanding and make your customers know you mean well for them, when taking this decision put into consideration the cost if production so as not run out of budget and affect revenue.

Look at your competitors and do better:

Take a survey of what your competitors are doing and beat them in their game, through improving the qaulity of your product and services, this will keep you ahead in the business and increase sales revenue in a business.

How to increase sales skills

For a business to increase sales revenue you will need the various skills to achieve the setting goal here are some skills that you need to have to succeed;

Attend training in sales;

Enroll for a training or courses in sales executive and know the basics in marketing strategy thus it will improve and widen your knowledge on what to do and manage any challenges coming your way.

Practice public speaking:

A good communication skill is very important in marketing this skill is one of the skill a good manager most have to succeed in the business, practice this act and improve on your vocabulary to meet up with the fast growing digital world.

Critical thinking:

You must be a good critical thinker this skill is very important and can determine the future of the business weather sales will increase or not, creativity and innovation should be main concentration in this case.

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