Normally it takes 2 to 3 business working  days.

But it depend on the branch and when they will send your cheque in the clearing house after sending in clearing house and they send the cheque to the concern bank then the concern bank clears the cheque and give amount to beneficiary account and your account has been credited.

Step by step process and timing process for clearing cheque 

  1. Colleting Branch - collect the cheque
  2. Cheque goes in bank clearing house
  3. Clearing house send the cheque in other bank clearing house
  4. Others Bank clearing house will debit the party account (whose cheque you have deposited in your account)
  5. After debiting the account amount send to your account.
  6. If balance not available then cheque will bounce and you will not get balance and your cheque will be returne।
  1. This is the all process to clear cheque from one bank to another Bank.

what is a cheque? 

A cheque is a written order to a bank to pay a specific amount of money from a person’s account to the person in whose name the cheque has been drawn. The main purpose of a cheque is to make payments easily and quickly.

how to fill a cheque 

Assuming you would like tips on how to fill out a cheque: 

When you write a cheque, you need to use a black or blue pen so that the bank can scan the cheque. You also need to make sure that you use the right side of the cheque. 

1. Write the date in the top right-hand corner. The date should be written in full, including the day, month and year. 
2. Write the name of the person or organisation you’re paying in the ‘Pay’ line. This is also known as the ‘Payee’ line. Start by writing the first and last name. If there isn’t enough space, you can use their initials. 
3. In the ‘Amount’ line, write the amount of money you’re paying in words. For example, ‘One hundred and fifty-six dollars only’. 
4. You sign and authorize the cheque for payment 

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