During industrialization what were the attitudes toward slavery





During industrialization, what were the attitudes towards slavery?



a.      A call for more slaves

b.      A call for the abolition of slavery

c.       A call for equal distribution of salves

d.      A call to reduce slaves in farms.


The answer here is (b) there was call for the abolition of slavery. The agitation increased which led industry and factory owners refused to use slave to work in their organization. During this industrialization slaves were freed to live their live and do what they want without any harassment.



During the Industrial Revolution, slavery was used extensively to power the factories and mills that were the engine of the industrial economy. Slaves were used as a source of cheap labor to produce goods and commodities for sale. This system of slavery was particularly prevalent in the southern United States, where plantations were common.


  1. Let's keep remembering the effort of our past traditional rulers for reference to a better Nigeria


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