For an advertiser focused on branding, what are the key success metrics?


Reach and frequency



The question here is for an advertiser focused on branding, what is the key success metric?




a.      Impressions and clicks

b.      Conversion rate

c.       Cost per conversation

d.      Reach and frequency


The right answer here is (d) reach and frequency



The key success metric to look by an advertiser is the reach and frequency of how ads are serving and how many visitors are exposed to your platform. Once a goal is establish  for your branding campaign  then on can measure the level of success by observing and monitoring conversions, impressions and  other important statistics that will help you understand the metrics


 What is reach and frequency?


Reach simply means the amount or number of visitors that are exposed to your ads in the site or business. An increase in reach automatically means that more customers have visibly seen your ads which may lead to increase in awareness and drive more customers to your business. While the frequency deals with the number of times a visitor or customer was able to see or were exposed to the ads in a specific period of time.


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