THE vital massage 

From our brief review  of the teaching of the bible on this important subject one thing become clear : the message it contains a vital to us all, for if we take no notice of it, we shall perish .that's why the message is vita and is call the gospel ;  that is the good news  just how essential it is Paul showed in remembering his readers in the Corinth of the vital message which I preach unto to you     How much our perishing race needs this" good news ". What a marvelous thing it is that  this vital massage of life still exist among us , for here it is , in the pages of the word of God (the bible),  in the very word of Jesus and his disciples , let us make it our aim to get to know this vital messavge of life .while we still have the opportunity. For our future is at stake. 

your relationship with God

The God we serve also need your attention we most all avail our self to the glory of God all the time so that he can bless us with his aboundant grace. Understanding the vital message is very important to our I'ves we should keep in mind that the massage of the Holy book is the truth and nothing but the truth 
The love if God is Here for us all for, God lie the entire world and send his only son for the redemption of man kind. 
 The message if hope is here for everyone that believe that he is save the blood of the son of God. Never for get to trust in the Lord no matter the situation you are going through in life away stay strong and determined that you are going to make despite the challenges facing 

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