Say no to rape

Rape is sin against God and humanity, it is a criminal offence punishable by law that governs any society in the 21th century. Young girl and women are molested sexually   against this will this act of is alien to our culture so please let all join hands and all hands must be on deck to make sure that this despicable acts are completely wipe out in our homes and society at large, the government on the other hand should provide laws and policies to deal with any one couth and involve in such act laws that will bring Justices to the oppress and down trodden. The religious organisations are saddle with the responsibility of teaching and guarding their followers on the ethics and rules of the church or mosque. No matter who you are or were you come from let all be vigilant and ready to fight this menace eating our values as human created in the image of God Almighty

Punishment for rape

When you are caught in rape crime you will be punish by the government and law enforcement agencies for the crime you have committed you could sentence to live inprisonment or some years in prison for the actions you have made the law will not take it likely with you because you violated a human being like you.

Life is all about patiance and believe in what  can you can do and control your desires and be responsible for your actions at all times. 

Care for rape victims

Rape victims should be cared for and giving attention all the time government should create a center where victims of rape can be canceled and giving the right care the need not to fill emotionally disturbed  this actions should be deliberate to ensure that they are not depressed and I've thier normal lives. 

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