Leaders in Africa need to stand up and wake up from their slumber. People are in poverty struggling to survive,  kid with no shoes in their feet poor health facilities with the current pandemic of the corona virus ravaging the world today. The vaccine is not sufficient for the African continent so the elite need to take the vaccine first before the masses that show that the poor man on the street is left with his faith . this is a clarion call to all the leaders around the black continent to raise up to the challenge to meet up with the current situations bedevilling the nations . in the same vein developed countries around the world must support the under and developing economies of the world to combat the low standard of living facing household  and families .the AU (African union) Parliament should have an agreement just like the free African trade agreement sign by African leaders must reflect in the live of the poor and vulnerable in the society. A united Africa is capable of being the greatest continent in the community of nations and empires around the glope.


1. A leader is some one that is ready to die for his people no matter what is the challenge

2. A leader should have self control and determination to meet his people in the time of need

3. A good leader most have love for his people and subject always thinking about the well being of his people and protect them against danger and also provide the solution for the problem on ground 

4. A hood leader most be strong and resilience all the time he most believe in him self that he is capable to the task and make his people proud all the time

5. He most be good in talking in thus case he should be able to express him self with out fare or favour. 

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