This paper focus on good governance as veritable tool  for solving problem in the society. It determines the extend which good governance can help solve social problems in the society so as to bring about positive behavioural change which will in turn lead to development of the country. Good governance entails that the government of the nation should be accountable,  transperience and above all be ready to initiate programs that will be of benefit to the sociy and pupolise. Thus in resent years the long neglate issues which affected thpeople of the society hpublic attenton and the mass media. This issues among others are : unemployment, poverty,  kidnapping , curruption , insecurity illitracy , crisis , no country or nation with all this vises negatively will experience any form of development. The article , there fore propose and focuses on the need the government should be socially responsible to the citizens which will in turn lead to advancement in all ramification in the society. It therefore propose strategies for this interface and recommends among others that , the government owes it as a duty to be socially responsible to the citizens. Thus the government need to initiate programs that will benefit and encourage the people to do more.


      Good governance includes formulating policies , improving processes , implementing actions/programs and ensuring stakeholder involvement and participation in public affair .waku nwoso(2007). Said governance is the exicise  of  political power in managing human affair,  at all level of governance. It is also widely known that the economic foundation of any nation largely determines its political structure . in other words the economy  is the substructure on which the social system of a state is built. Good governance according to world bank(, is  a governance that concentrate its effort less in direct interventions and more on enabling others to be productive. It is one that accountable and were  public debate is allowed and a free press operates.

         The united nations comission on human right are governance as a process where by public institution conduct public affair , manage public resource and gaurantee the realisation of human right. Good governance accomplishes this in a manner that us essential , free of abuse and curruption and due regards for the rule of law.

        Good governance is among other things, paryicipatory, transperent , accountable , effective and equitable and its promote the rule of law. It ensures that political, social and economies piriority are base on broad consensus in the society that voices of the poorest and the most vulnerable in the society are heard in the decision making over governance emerges.


        The study anchors on the abram maslow s theory of of motivation and melvin model of public relation. In his theory of human motivaton maslow concieved human nature by taking a biological vieq of man. He tried to identify stages in our growth and development. According to him man is in the process if growing , has five categories of needs arrange begining from base to too. According to maslow , humans strive to meet their physiological needs first. When these have been met they now aim at the safe needs and the social needs follow by then the set esteem needs and finally the self actualization. Maslow argured that it so when one group of need is satisfied that the next the individaul aspire to the needs in the next group. There for all needs are never fully satisfied, but as soon as one need is satisfied another emeconomy


CURRUPTION: curruption is incresing in the society. The power sector today is suffering becuase of currupt officials who will divert the funds to their personal account. Despite effort by the former administration of government setting commision to check mate the activitise if curruption , this had not yeilded much result. It has created the sad paradox of wide spread and de humanizing poverty in the midt of abundant natural resources and human resources also. The crippling effect if curruption are manifested in the erosion of the institution and administration capacity of government and the dacayed infrastructure and appaling service across all sectors of the economy

KIDNAPPING:   this is simply an act of holding one hostage and demanding ransom and huge sum of money before such a kidnapped person will be release. Some say kindnapping is the act of taking away a person and holding that person by force. This kidnapping includes close interactions or body contact , fear , , tension , phisical violation and sepration of the kidnapped person known destimation and from love ones. Kidnapping instill negative emotions. The use of arms can not be ruled out in kidnapping. In this dastardly act no one is left as children, adult, men and women are often kidnapped after which huge money are paid for their release 

UNEMPLOYMENT: The alarming rate of unemployment in the develooing nation poses a great threat to the goal of achieving the vision 20/2020. Public analyst argued that there cannot be meaningful and realistic  development in a country where a large chunk of the labour force is jobless or un employed. Productivity , certainty , will be low and development only becomes possible when these people are gainfully employed and empowered to contribute their quota to national development.

INSECURITY:   the general state of insecurity in most e.g African countries has always being a source of worry. The spate of insecurity in nation has atracted national and international attension. This limits the state capacity to attract foreign investors and tourist to show case the nations abundant human and natural resource potentials.

INADEQUATE FUNDIND OF THE  EDUCATION SECTOR:     Education is a vital driving force for exonimic development and if poorly funded it will hamper national development. Education is inadequately funded by the government . which is the result in incessant face off between the government and the stakeholders. The nations vision of becoming one of the 20 most developed economies in the year 2020 will remain a dream never realised if the sector is not well funded and managed.

POWER AND ENERGY:   constant power supply is a problem is most developing countries in africa , despite the huge amount of money that has being budgeted for that sector. The staggering unemployment figure has in some quarter been , addused to the epileptic nature of the energy provided because most industries have being observed to operate at 40 % production capacity while the remaining 60% which would have maximised productivity is wasting. Power energy is a critical sector whose development and availability will facilitate the nations development and industrilization.

HUNGER AND POVERTY:  in the case of some African countries suffering in the midst of plenty. In the face of aboundant resources most African countries live in abject poverty and hunger. Polititians are paid stupendous salaries at the expence of the ordinary people with no food , job shelter and other necessity of life.


 The principle of democracy and sustainable development will be incomplete without the instrument of good governance. The concept if good governance is fundamental to the processes of nation building. Good governance prevails when government manages public institutions in an efficient , transparent and responsive manner and when an informed citizenry participated and is engage with the government I  the pursuit of their mutual beneficial social , political economic and cultural objectives.

The attribute of good governance include transparency , responsibility, accountability , participation , responsiveness to the needs of the people, efficiency in public administration , development orientation budgeting . for democracy to effectively deliver development , it must be strongly promoted , support and facilities by good governance,  democracy , like a bad tree will be unfruitful and of course , every tree that does not bear fruit shall die. According to dicey cited in Asemah (2010). Rule of law is the preponderance of law above arbitrariness. Dicey further stationed the concept on a tripod of  equality before the law , supremacy of the law and fundamental  human right. Rule of law is not just the pillar of constitutional government but an integral part of good government. The tripod is the hallmark of every civilised society. Any society  devoid of these enviable ingredient is definitely the Hobbesian state of nature where life is short , 

 brutal and full of misery , because in such a society , only the rule of might and not the law reigns supreme. Good governance entails that the government should be able to provide the basic  needs for it's citizenry. It promote mutual understanding between the leaders and the led. This shows that the public will be satisfied with governance. Thus , Maslow theory of motivation has being said to strongly influenced those interested in work behaviour and the government is one of such institution that is interested in influencing    the behaviour of the citizenry positively.


Good governance is one of the key to successful governance in democratic government.  It entails that the government should  be socially responsible to her citizenry, as this will bring about wide social acceptance of the government of that day. The concept of good governance is germane to the process of nation building. Good governance is the government that is free from curruption and gives due regards to the rule of law. The principle of democracy  and sustainable development will not be complete without the concept of good governance. Thus good governance will lead to the drastic reduction of social problems in nations when you have all these , , the majority of the people will be occupied in one way or the other .  

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