1. make yourself lovable: Try to build up qualities that will make you attractive always to the guy and easy to love. Don't be old fashioned or remain in the old school. Try to akways dress modestly with decency and lovely. No guy would love to keep any lady that he will not be proud of to present to his friends in a relationship that could lead to life long relationship mariage. 

I must say the truth some ladies thought it does not matter hoe they dress but would love to marry a well dressed man. If you don't dress well, how do you think you will atrract a well dress man. So if you want to avoid dissappointment in your courtship relationship keep your self lovely in form and features always. Don't be dirty be neat always, iron any cloth you wear at all times make sure you dress to attract him.

2. be respectful : Have the sense that every one has the right to be treated with respect. Then treat not only your guybut everyone that comes your way with respect you must respect people to make your self respectable. No man would love to marry a lady who doesn not respect people, I don't think that will respect you. It is the measure you use for others that will be use to you. If you respect others you to will be respected. Respect in this case will be define as a polite behaviour towards or care for somebody that you think is important.

3. Be honest: Every man loves to marry a honest man lady, just as every lady love to marry a honset man,  Therefore be honest to your man if you don't want him to be dishonest to you. To be honest means , always telling the thruth and never stealing or cheating. If you don't want a disappoint you in your courtship always give your guy your hinest feelings about any thing , honest answers to any question he may ask you from time to time , and honest opinions.

4. Be trust worthy: I know that you as a lady will love to marry a man you can trust in all things and all time. If that is so , be trustable, becuase every man too want to marry a lady he will trust in all things and all times, Don't make youself distrustable either as a result of your appearance or the kind of association you keep if you want your guy not to disappoint you in your courtship and even in your marriage. As you make  yourrself trustable , ensure he trusts you. You should learn to trust your guy or partner as well for the success of you relationship. Becuase if there is no trust between you and your partner, there must be disappointment.

5. Understanding:  Understanding could be define as the ability to know or realise why people behave in a particular way and the willingness to forgive them when they do something wrong. To avoid disappointment in your courtship and dating relationship , try to understand your guys character , what he can do and what he cannot do , how he react to certain situation in life , what he likes and dislike. And try to make him understands you too. Your understanding  of each other will help you not to offend each other always and also to forgive one another offenses. I must advise you not to go deeper into a relationship with a man you do not understand , because anything can happen that will break your heart. You as well need to understand his job on time, what he does for a living and see if it is what you cope with in your mariage.

6. Be faithful: Every man wants to marry a faithful lady in all areas , just as every lady wants to marry a faithful man. Faithfulness is the key for any relationship that will be successful. Some ladies usually cause disappointment for them self in their courtship due to unfaithfulness. Some ladies get them self involve in double dating, for fear of disapppointment, having the belief that if brother A disappoint her , brother B will marry her. When the two men get to know of her games , the two will then disappoint her.

7. Be prayerful: Courtship is like a period in the wilderness. You need the help of God to see you through without disappointment. This is the very reason why you need prayers always.Even when a brother is about to disappoint you your prayer can change him or make him not to disappoint you. Therefore to avoid disappointment in your relationship, be prayerful.

8. Maintain absolute purity: Are you a virgin before you started your courtship? Remain a virgin still till you are married. Preserve ypur body for your husband only and he will love and care for you the more when he meet you pure. Have you broken your virginity ? Don't keep destroying it. Repent of the past mistakes in that area and still preserve yourself with the second virginity for your husband. Avoid necking and petting , hugs, kisses,  and fondling so as to be able to keep your self pure because all that arouse sexual passion.
9. Don't be a talkative: Do more of listening than talking. Don't abuse guys weather he is your partner or not. Some of our young ladies today talk too much and abusively. They are even ready to kill with their mouth, most especially when it happens that the man they always underrate either because of his educational status or financial status. Do not forget that when you are too hrd and harsh to one man , that may scare away other men from you. Even when you are already in courtship with some one, and the other brother propsoe to you , talk humbly with wisdom to the brother and make him realise that you are already in courtship with someone.
10. Don't be demanding: Some ladies made themself toi expensive to maintain. When you are too demanding , your guy in courtship may be scared that his mega salary may not be enough for him to satisfy you and plan some other things if he should marry you. One thing that made me and helped me to be married early  in life was the fact that my wife is not too demanding. Learn not to be to demanding if you want to avoid disappointment in your courtship.

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