Possibilities for the extension of the survival fund scheme.

          The survival fund scheme which was inaugurated in 2020 by the office of the vice president, due to the impact of the covid 19 pandemic is a lingering issue yet to be settle by the federal government through the central bank. The survival fund scheme which provide assistance to entrepreneurs and business owners across the country with funds to pay their employees in a period of three month so as to reduce the hardship face by individuals and households in Nigeria.


          This move by the federal government was a welcome development and will impact and improve the growth of the economy positively. The question here is will the survival fund scheme be extended  the meet the current challenges facing the country?  With the scheme coming to a 90% completion, the federal government may be thinking of extending the program with the collaboration of the central bank in no due time stating this as a follow up with the different intervention program, going on in the country. The bank of industries (boi) are in charge of the payment to various successful applicant of the survival fun scheme. 

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