the plateau home of peace and tourism

Plateau is the twelfth largest state in Nigeria. Approximately in the centre of the country, it is geographically unique in Nigeria due to its boundaries of elevated hills surrounding the Jos Plateau its capital, and the entire plateau itself. Plateau State is celebrated as "The Home of Peace and Tourism".

Plateau state is located at the north central of Nigeria and a west African country. The people of the plateau are predominantly farmers,  and peace loving people. The slogan home of peace and tourism is a well deserve identity because of the peaceful nature of the people on the plateau  living on the tourism hub of the country. The capital of the plateau which is jos city a beautiful tourist attraction with it rocky formation and mountain top. This peaceful environment has being the home of so many peace loving people. There hospitality and welcome comfort,  all  visitor  visiting any tourist area 

  Tourism is one of the major source of revenue of the government of the plateau 

Contributing 35% of the economic growth of the state. Peace and tourism  has always being the culture of the people  of the  plateau welcoming different type of individual to this peace loving set of people .

      The home of peace and tourism is here to stay and we all most work hard to put the state an it tourism potentials in the global world map so as to draw and bring in investors around the globe to plateau the tourism hub of the whole country and Africa at large. A number of influential individual have lived most of their live on the plateau the likes of Mikel obi the famous football legend, the famous mi abaga,  p square, etc. Some decade ago this peaceful state became a victim of crisis and killings of innocent citizen due to political.

 and ethnic crisis. This ugly incidence brought about destruction of live and property,  the home of peace and tourism over night became the home of blood shed and crisis. The securities and government agencies we're over stretch and were not able to content the challenges facing the state at that moment. But today this story is quite deferent with the relative peace we are enjoying at the moment were tourist can freely visit to our tourism areas and experience the peace that the plateau offer to people who came to enjoy the wonders of nature created by God Almighty. We want to encourage any one who is planning to visit any tourist attraction area to come to the plateau for an unforgettable experience of a live time.  


        Economically peaceful environment encourages business activities and the tourism potential, which will result in the economical growth and development. Peace is virtue lets keep it for the betterment of everybody peace is what unite us as a people Nigeria is our countries so lets tolerate each other ethnic references and political religious differences. Another thing known about the plateau is the aspect of sport we bless with sport men and women in  football, basket ball, cricket, volley ball etc . all this talent can be found on the plateau with exception tourism, entertainment can bring peace to our communities and cities.     politically and culturally the people of the plateau have some similarities with the total number of 17 local government areas and it is situated at the middle belt of Nigeria the state is unique because of the various type of tribe with unique culture from their way of live which is very peaceful,  their local dishes and the way the dress in their beautiful a tires made from local fabric. The culture of the people of the plateau has always being related to peace and tourism because of hospitable nature on strangers it is only on the plateau will find deferent ethnic group living together and even engage in inter mirage. Celebrating their festivals among them selves the plateau is indeed a place to be in Nigeria. The state is bless with a good and healthy weather than can cure some sickness if you believe in the power of good air to breath not like other part of the continent that is face with heat whether due to global warming. On like other place the peaceful festivals and entertainment event hosted on the plateau is an eye saw for many people who have come here to enjoy first hand entertainment from music, movie drama,  art , fashion and sporting  activities you are advise to invest in the entertainment industry and you will never regret that you did so. The next coming year will be full of events that will shows case some latest tourism enhancement for your enjoyment and pleasure. Finally we are say come to plateau the home of peace and tourism and be blessed. 

The latest development on the plateau is in the area of good road network , farming equipment ,such as tractors ,harvesters, large storage facilities etc. 

In the business sector the plateau government has put in place some mechanism to ensure the smooth run of business. Without peace the business environment will be affected so the major priorities is to make sure that every is secure so that buying and selling can take place without fear or favour. 

Know for it peaceful nature the plateau welcome everyone weather you are black or white you will be treated equally , because we on the plateau are lover of peace and justice to all and that is why the plataeu is called the home of peace and tourism

The capital of plateau 

Jos north wich  is the capital of plateau State his blessed with so many good things of live and it the home of many people who are ready to embrase peace as they live their live . People from all part of the country love to stay in his the capital city to do business and enjoy the live without fear of the unknown. It has spots were you can relax and have a nice time with your family places such as crest hotel, dreams club,stefans,mispalace, Tuscany, Chinese garden just mention but a few are place you can go and have the best treat you can find any were in the world. 

Relax hotel

Looking for were to have you vacation cone to plateau and will never regret you did that .You will find beauty in nature and will want to come back again the environment is friendly to all because of it cool nature and the rocks make the creation to be nice and welcoming , jos is the best place to be when ever you are in Nigeria never for that. Some local tribes that reside in jos may include the mwaghavul, the berom anaguta ,Iregwe.,jarawa . This local languages are very easy to learn and understand ,their local dishes include towo,beans and yam, potato's, gote,kunu, and so on this delicacies are prepared locally and taste nice when you try it, they are also good for the body because of the rich nature of the products ,some of their vegetables are Herps that can cure sickness and give you blood in your system. Come to plateau and you will never regret that you did so.

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