The managerial pyramid

Management act as a catalyst or facilitator for getting things done within an organization. In some cases the organization objective can be accomplished through a simple management surbordinate hierarchy. In many business es ,the owner and mangers is the only member  of the management team. But as the organization becomes larger and moremcomplex ,a more sophisticated structure is required.

Management pyramid

Many management scholars describe the hierarchy as a pyramid since there are relatively fewer slots as one progresses to higher levels of management. Similarly hierarchies exist in both profit and non-profits organisation.

The hierarchy of management are as follows

Top management

This is appointed, elected ,or designated by organization shareholders and those to whom the organization is dedicated to serving.

Middle management

This deals with the actual administration and operation of the organization activities. This is usually done after they have gotten the required direction and guardiance from top management.

Supervisory management

This includes managers who have on going direct contact with subordinate. Typically, a supervisor is the leader of some type of work group in the organization. Finally the management hierarchy providspan overall framework for the accomplishment of the organization objectives.

The need for management

The above sub heading will be approach from two view point
1. As it affects the organization
2. As it affects the society

As it affects the organization

Every organization has it own goals and objectives. And the primary aim of such an organization is to strive to achieve those goals or objective to maximise profit management helps in achieving these objective by acting as a facilitator or catalyst in the organization through the performance of various function s of management. To maximize profit, management is concerning with the production of a particular product or service that will be demanded by it's present and potential customers. To achieve this therefore,it's the responsibility of management to mobilize the required resources both human and material in other to satisfy it's numerous customers. The growth of any organization depends on the ability of management to coordinate it's activities both within the enterprises and it's external "public". The external include;

The community comprising the people living in the vicinity, be they farmer s , business men , religious groups, educational institutions and government officials.

The suppliers which include stationary corporation, responsible for ligth, power, and water, suppliers of raw materials, spare parts, transportation etc.

The distributors such as wholesalers, agents ,shops , exporters and importers. Consumer of all categories, both present and potential.

Opinion leaders such as politicians,radio ,press and TV commentators, trade association and trade unions.

News media make up of press ,radio ,TV , cinemas, news agencies and the traditional talking drum.

As it affects the society

Management is very essential to the society in the following ways; 

The provision of social amenities either directly or indirectly management has social responsibility to it's immediate environmental such construction of roads , hospitals, electricity supply, establishment of schools and pipe borne water etc. Alternatively management can provide these indirectly by paying their taxes to the government as it's contribution to enable government provide the above stated social amenities.

Provision of employment to the people of the areas and country in general.

Improving the general standard of living of the people within the area of operations.

It helps in staff development and trainings of thier employees for efficient productivity..

For more reading on environmental effect on management visit.

Environmental factors affecting management

Managerial pyramid of an Enterprise organization

Most Business organization have their managerial pyramid and levels that are found in the organization, the following organogram is presented below.

Chairman board of management

The chairman of the board of trustees presides over the meeting of  the business organization with the other directors and shareholders as members of that committee

Managing director:

The managing director is the one in charge of the all the decisions to be taken in the organization he must be efficient in all his move that will bring growth and development to the organization he then reports back to the board of directors for more insight on decisions to be taken, the chairman of the board of directors work closely with the managing director.

Operation manager:

The operation manager is in charge of the various transactions to be done by the firm and also take into consideration the risks and benefit of each Business investment. The operation manager reports back to the managing director (MD) for confirmation.

Marketing manager:

The marketing manager is shoulder with the responsibility of making sure that the organization is well marketed in the economy and make sure that the sales of goods and services are well optimise for increase in profit and revenue. The marketing manager in the managerial pyramid is a very important level and requires high attention Because every business firm goals is profit maximisation, which can only be realise when there is an increase in  sales of goods and services in the business organization

Finance manager;

The finance manager is the one in charge of the financial activities of the firm and is responsible for the financial flow and cash deposits and withdrawals of the organization without his signature cash can not be release for any body and when there is payment to be made he is in charge of receiving it in behave of the firm. He knows the total amount coming in and out of the business organization.

Account manager;

In cases of financial institutions the account manager is responsible for the opening of accounts for individuals who want to do business with the firm, he manages the accounts individuals also knowing the inflow and outflow of the statement of accounts of enterprenuers and Business men and women.

The managerial pyramid gives order and creates a chain of command in an organization for effective running of the businesses with the overall porpose of maximizing revenue and growth of the firm.


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