The 40 laws of longevity

40 laws Longevity

The 40 laws of longevity for any human are as 


  1. Eat and drink moderately
  2. Drink one cup of warm water hour before meals 
  3. Keep at list 5 hours between meals and 6 hours is better
  4. Eat whole grains bread, brown bread
  5. Stay less in air conditioner
  6. Exercise vigorously everyday as you can stand it.
  7. Have your own vegetables farms to make it available to you all the time.
  8. Three vacations a year would be better
  9. Rest one full day a week 
  10. If possible take a sun bath weekly
  11. Get out of door many hours a day
  12. Get your heavy meals at breakfast or lunch
  13. Eat evening meals several hours before bedtime
  14. Eat lightly at the evening
  15. Have meals on time at regular time
  16. Take carefree walk after meals and breath deeply
  17. Start drinking water between meals 30 to 40 minutes after meals first water should be little and increase later
  18. Chew thouroughly your food , digestion begins in the mouth
  19. Drink plenty of puere water between meals
  20. Use honey, for sweeten in stead of sugar
  21. Use groundnut oil, olive oil as they are unsaturated 
  22. Milk can be form healthy in cows 
  23. Eggs from healthier fowl ,once a week or at most twice
  24. Your best diet is fruit,grains nut and vegetables
  25. Room temperature should always be at 65 degree
  26. Have a current of fresh air flow through your bedrooms day and night
  27. The bedding should be exposed to air and sunlight daily
  28. Don eat to much salt
  29. Take little alchohol if you take.
  30. Don't stay up late at night sleep and rest
  31. Don't over work or under work balance the two
  32. Don't smoke or use tobacco in any form
  33. Don't drink water with meals
  34. Enjoys sex only onces or twice a week 
  35. Make melon fruits and vegetables your best friend eat them regularly
  36. Worry ends where faith begins worry less God knows the best for you
  37. General cleaning hygein best for you 
  38. Harmonious family living is helpful
  39. Do not eat when you are stressed
  40. Learn to recognize when you have enough food ,maintain ideal weight.
This are the 40 laws of longevity for you, which will guide you for a well full filled live on earth. This practice will help you do well in your business career and economic activities for the growth and development of the organization you are in for a better tommorow.

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