How to become rich: introduction

A man that wants to become rich must be a man with a vision and mission to succeed in all he does, a rich man once said that the rich also cry but that is a topic for another article. Becoming a rich person takes hard work and determination , though some will say it is an act of God but as human their are some measures that need to be put into consideration before one can attain the position of becoming rich weather is in business or a career build from the scratch. In this case study we will be looking at how to become rich in business cycles of the economy and the activities of merchants and enterprenuers in the society for the growth and development of the growing population so as to reduce poverty and low standard of living. The gap between the rich and the poor is very wide and need to be bridge to maintain the societal problem facing the nation.
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Steps to become rich in business

This are the steps for you to follow to become rich in live;

1. Have a plan:

Having a plan is the first thing you need to do for your journey of becoming rich this plan can varies, it could be a long term plan or a short term plan. The bottom line is that you must design a plan to help you succeed to become rich and independent.

2. Stay fucus and save:

As a business man or woman you must endevour to save the little money you get from every transactions you do with the business world. You can save through your bank account or with a microfinance bank close to you, this will help you to become rich in your business, though it is not easy to save because of unforseen suituation you must find a way to solve such problems without touching your savings for future porpose.

3. Invest the little you have 

Another important step for you to become rich you must have the spirit of investment and business orientation, investment means putting your capital or finance into a business for the porpose of making profit from such businesses. As the saying goes that is better to invest than to save, but you must save before you will be able to invest that is if you don't have the capital on ground to start the business idea.Investment is key for you to become rich in your business.

4. Market your business:

Another major step for your journey to become rich is through marketing your business and what you do , it could be material things or digital product or even your skill and talent that you have which can get you food on your table. Make sure that you advertise your business for the general public and know your targeted customers that will need your services or products.

5. Reduce extravargant spending

Spend wisely and keep in mind that money does not grow on trees. To become rich and stay rich are two different thing, you can be rich today and tomorrow you are not this all depend on how you spend your money and wealth stay determine and watch your spending weather is for profit or just pleasure, this will help you stay rich if you are already on the top.

5 ideas you can start to become rich in business

Some of the business you can start and become rich can be seen in the following; some business ideas many individuals have may look good but can have it risks , here are some few business ideas and opportunities you can venture into to get rich and live a good and happy.

1. Online business;

Online riches

This type of business have to do with the internet and the global community were buying and selling activities are being carried out by individuals and business firms, you can chose from the numerous platform that are on the internet which can be a source of making money and become rich in internet business.
Some of the business opportunities you can find online are as follows;
  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Bloging
  3. Selling digital product
  4. Web designing
  5. Stock exchange
All this are online business that is capable of making to become rich, when applied rightly the result can be shocking for example the affiliate marketing we're you market product online and get commission when such product are bought through your affiliate link can get you rich in no time example of such affiliate program is Https:// also amazon affiliate marketing is another great way to start you journey of becoming rich.

2. Agricultural business;

Some in might say agriculture? Yes agriculture, historically agriculture is the source of wealth and riches and it still relevant up till date. In the book the wealth of a Nation by Adam Smith the great economist stated clearly that agriculture is very important for any society to grow and develop and the wealthiest men that ever liveth in the universe we're famers and people who invest in the agricultural sector.

How to become rich

3.  Entertainment business

The entertainment show business has in resent years been a major source of becoming rich , taking of this sector will be good idea. It could be the music industry,movie production,fashion comedy etc. This form of business has produce so many rich men and women, for example the Hollywood is the second income generation in the USA employing almost 30% of the entire population.

4. Information and technology Business;

One can venture into informative Business that can generate income such as computer center for students who are doing there project as a business man you can open a cafe were you provide internet services and general typing work for publishers and advertising agencies

5. Fashion Business;

This business opportunity is lucrative and can get rich in no time, with the increasing growth of the textile industry one can take the opportunity to invest in the fashion business, marketing your clothes to women who want to look good all their time. The opportunity are enormous because men also are into fashion and modelling and are willing to buy your goods when you are well branded.

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