Nigeria as a country is bless with aboundant human and natural resources where by if properly utilse will lift the country out of poverty and improve the standard of living of the common man on the street. 

The aim here is to identify and analyse the business opportunities in Nigeria to give you the needed information before you venture in any type of business of your choice. Consideration the advantages and disadvantages.

Business in Nigeria

As earlier said the business opportunities in Nigeria is in aboundant,the economic growth and development of any society depend on the the level of business opportunity that is found in the country. As the most popular black nation Nigeria is blessed with both human capital and natural resources, this gave the country an added advantage to succeed in all the Business sector, both the micro and macro economy as a whole.

How to spot business opportunities in Nigeria;

To identify business opportunities in Nigeria is very easy all you need is to study your environment and discover what people are looking for try to solve a problem.
How to spot a business opportunity can also be challenging sometimes if you are not careful.
  • Go on a market survey
  • Know your target customers
  • Be current on market trends
  • Know what people are searching online
  • Know the best affiliate marketing
  • Ask your customers Questions
  • Be loyal to your client through the customers relation office
  • Be a problem solver and a solution provider
  • Be able to take risk
  • Hire an economic consultant to guide you through.

Major Business opportunities in Nigeria;

The major business opportunities in the Nigerian economy can be summarize in this major sectors of the economy.

The agricultural sector:

Business opportunities can be found in the Nigerian agriculture industry,with the high rate of demand of food stuff an raw materials that are use for the production of some major an essential commodity and products in the market, the business of agriculture is one of the oldest form of market were people bring different agricultural goods to the market place and transactions is taking place, even as at today most village market days sales billon of naira every day through buying and selling. As a young youth be rest assured that If you venture into agriculture you will not lack money in your puket an the capital to invest in other business.

Business opportunities in agriculture;

  • Fish farming (with little as #50000)
  • Dog breeding
  • Snail farming
  • Potatoes crop planting
  • Coffee plantation
  • Grains marchadizing
  • Birds ,poultry farm
  • Maize planting
  • General livestock (when you have much space.

The information, communication an technology sector:

In today's world the ICT sector is at the forefront of global event, and it is use in almost all aspect of our lives if not even all part. This development has open new opportunities to the economy of the entire glope, and Nigeria is not an exception to this changes,with the population of about 250 million people Nigeria has proven to be the best place for any one who want to invest in the nations economy through the ICT will never regret his investment rather the firm will grow to become the best that can be because the market is here and the opportunities are also in aboudant. With the Advent of the social media which made marketing easy, one can leverage on this to do business and make profit form his or her investment.

Business opportunities in ICT ;

  • Computer networking
  • Phone assesories
  • Digital marketing
  • Logo design bill boards
  • Printing press
  • Blogging/Wordpress
  • Music production/vedio editing
  • Coding/HTML/Java script
  • Graphics designer

The fashion industry:

Clothing and fashion has grown this couple of years with the trending way of live most people want to look good and be admired  by all , the sector had recorded a huge sales the past years and even as we speak. Nigeria is know for it Ankara and ashoke and the African atire that is worn all over the world by fashion lovers.
This business opportunity has presented it serve for both young and old people that they can invest and make money from what they do.
Opportunities in Nigeria is for everyone that is willing to come to the country especially people from other countries such as the USA,Canada, Germany, France etc. If you are a lover of art then you are rest assured that investing in that industry will be profitable especially if you are purchasing from Nigeria and selling it across the glope like America and other European countries.


In summary Nigeria is a country with a population of over 200 million people. It is also a country with a very young population, with over 60% of the population being under the age of 25. This makes Nigeria a very attractive market for businesses.

There are many businesses opportunities in Nigeria. Some of these include:

1. Agriculture: Nigeria is a country with a large agricultural sector. There is a huge demand for agricultural products in Nigeria. This makes it a very attractive market for businesses involved in the agriculture sector.

2. Manufacturing: Nigeria has a large population and a growing economy. This makes it an attractive market for businesses involved in manufacturing.

3. Retail: Nigeria is a growing market for retail businesses. The country has a large population and a growing middle class. This makes it an attractive market

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