When you here the word cloud first strategy what comes to your mind? Some see it as a big jump, for most traditional an old set up. The the benefit of this is that it gives you that chances to feel you are in charge of the operations . Your team and you will definitely know your major server live, you can also touch and feel them you and your group of expert will understand the security process and it will be very easy for you to verify personnel, all this are significant importance. In today's world most Businesses and software developers are trying to migrate their business to cloud first strategies.

The cloud first strategies come with plenty business importance an benefits for operations and organization. Why should your organization adopt the cloud first strategy, here we are going to examine the importance and benefits for Businesses.

Cloud computing

What is cloud first strategy?

The definition of cloud first strategy can be seen as operations strategies where by your organization migrate all their infrastructure and Business activities to the cloud computing platform and system for the porpose of security this platform can be GOOGLE CLOUD,AWS or even MICROSOFT AZURES. This is done and avoiding the issue of resources that are physical just like cluster servers, house resources.

Development expert will adopt a cloud first strategy sometimes see it as outdated when you try to locate your server to a location that is physically seen, most cloud first proffesionals always see their services as not just a piece of virtual server an hardware operations but as a software operations to meet up with their business functions.

Why you need to choose a cloud first strategy for business;

There are plenty of reasons why businesses adopt the use of cloud first strategy for the operations. Here you will be schooled on some of the reasons this actions are taken for their businesses. This may vary from one company to the other. Whether these importance and benefits will be of value to your own company and firm, is a matter that will be ion between you and your team.

It is very important to know the difference importance and benefits before making a sound decision.

Importance and benefits of cloud first strategy;

  • Scalability issue
  • Configurability issue
  • Reproducibility issue
  • Cost issue
  • Reliability issue
  • Observability issue

Scalability issue;

The most known importance and benefits of cloud first strategy, computing AUTO SCALLING  this allow an expert in cloud operation to automatically move the resourcess provided to an application. The cloud providers know your application memory is going to high for long period of time,it take you to the next and forward to the resource tier.

If this cloud provider has been set very efficiently it does this without the involvement of human for example if your website experience a hike in traffic the server will upgrade your hard ware on the go so that your client and customer will get the best services and experience this will come with a little charges,but however the more traffic the more revenue for cost.

Configurability issue;

Another important benefits regarding cloud first strategy computing provider is how they expose APIs. Trying to see new server online can be very hectic and frustrating you will need to Waite in the quene for approval or sign off from the IT team and manager in the provision of a new server or make a deal with a vendor provider onboarding a data base on the internet or online may seem like a stress. The benefit of cloud first strategies is that it take away all of those stress some time when you don't have charge and control of the hardware, aquiring a new service online need approval for the capital to be spend.
The cloud first strategy gives room for your organization to choose the desired software and build a pipeline that take care of critical part of the business.

Cost issue;

Most Businesses prefer to be in the cloud operation whether the Business is physical or on a premisses the major goal is to make profit for this reason cost is a major hindrance for business because they see cloud first strategy as very cost effective and expensive to manage but at the long run . Your business will enjoy the major benefits that come with cloud first strategy. The major cloud providers have cost calculation for transparency of price and operation. Eventually if your business is located is a developed country this come with an additional benefits to cloud first strategy and computing because of the location of your business and can be an added advantage, but when your business is located in a small City the cost will be high for you to pay to get such connectivity to your companies offices . INTERNET Back BONE  city are developed countries. 

When you calculate the cost of having a space for operations,power , connectivity,and maintainance you will then see the cloud computing is very expensive.

Reliability issue;

The reality of using a physical hardware for your business cannot be reliable because you can be face with the challenges of power outage and other unforseen events. Sometimes you will have to service the hardware which can occur at a wrong time when you have work to do . But with cloud first strategies you can get reed of all that due to the effectiveness, because the maintenance will be taken care by the cloud computing system provider .

They take care of the maintenance of the hardware even during power outage and make sure there is uninterruptedly power even when there is no power, they provide backup data center. Cloud first strategy provide assurance for your business application and hardware is backed up all the time.

Reproducibility issue;

Setting up a hardware server and change can be very stressful and cost effective an can be push from one environment to the other, this becomes stressful when you have test your applications. 

When onboarding a new software features, the organization will need to spend time thinking on how to apply the various patches. The team can spend days or hours to make releases and update new version an change the old once in case of imperfect programing, the business and company will need to spend again to get the right thing to be used. But with cloud first strategy this limitations are solved becaibecloud developers don't need to disturb about how to go about patching from the old version to the new version of software. Changing environment is done in a twinkle of an eye and the next version take over when the new environment begins to provide services to your customers the cloud system revert the old version Software

Observability issue;

Your company need to always observe all the activities going on, on your applications,doing these on hardware and manually can be a lot of work because of the dozen device login and different application online, but with cloud first strategy this is easily manipulated with software such as  Solar wind loggly this will help you integrate all application, software login into a single platform and also help you observe how your business is performing and give you insight on potential problems that may arise.

Why you need cloud first strategy for Businesses;

All the decisions is up to you whether you need cloud first strategy integrated into your business,you and your team only can make the decision. Puting in mind that many business need to understand the important reason Business firms adopt the use of cloud first strategy into their business, as we have discussed earlier in the previous topic, cloud computing add value to your business. Some business might think that they don't need cloud first strategy but it is actually important, an the happy thing here is that most vlocl computing platform has made it simple and easy to begin on their platforms oftenly for tiers that are minor. The services are mostly free of charge an only take few hours to set and begin, take this opportunity to move your business to the cloud system.

Why should cloud first strategy approach be considered:

Here are some of the major reasons to consider using an implementing cloud first strategy an one of the  moving factor is VALUE AND COST
Below are some of the benefit of cloud first strategy and approach.
  1. The development of the system can be done step by step according to the need of the business
  2. The cost of maintenance an the equipment is lower compare to the previous solutions on site server and system
  3. The repair, improvement and update is in a speedy delivery
  4. There access to major support Services on a specific problem 
  5. Availability of efficient software system and platform, investment cost fee is lower and guaranteed
  6. Organization upgrade is cost effective but gives room for upgrade when needed 
Cloud first strategy has the strength to collaborate tools and services for easy work. It allows you to work from any where, making reference to the recent pendemic, cloud first strategy and cloud computing has created room for employees to work from home ,it allows you access data,tools,and storage from where ever you are in the world.

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