As a business man or woman public speaking is one of the quality you are supposed to have, communication is very important in business, an for any who wants to succeed most overcome the fear of public speaking , this type of skill is needed by everyone who is out there trying to survive and make a difference in his life weather you are a business person or not you need good communication an vocabulary to achieve what you want, most atimes management of companies are looking for individuals who are good in public speaking to embark on marketing and advertising to promote their brand and products for effective sales of good and services.

As we are living our daily lives let's remember that not all to can speak out loud such as people with the disability. This set of people uses sign language to communicate and are still relevant in the society and the world as a whole, as we do business let give them a self of belonging in the world so that they will be carried along for economic and social inclusion.

Public speaking

Ways to overcome fear of public speaking:

Here are some of the ways to overcome your fear of public speaking;
  • Always be prepared
  • Be your self
  • Write what you want
  • Ground your self mental
  • Know your topic
  • Be organized
  • Practice more
  • Challenges your worries
  • Vision your success
  • Take a deep breath
  • Focus on your topic not your audience
  • Don't fear silence
  • Enroll and get mentored
  • Encourage yourself and say I can do it.

1. Always be prepared;

As a public speaker or a business man and entreprenuers you need to be always prepared at any time when you are call upon to make a speech or to address a garthering of people. As a manager you will need to speak to your workers and employees at any time, so always be prepared to deliver your speech and motivate them to be the best they can be in work place, your speech will go a long way in impacting positive vibes in them and will motivate them to do more.

2. Be your self;

Being your self means knowing who you are and what you can do, don't try to copy any one weather how they talk or work or even how they dress. Just be your real self and talk with the natural accent that God gave you don't be afraid of what people an individuals think about your tribal assent focus on the goal and the message  that we want to pass to the audience.

3. Write what you want;

When you are to make a speech, write what you want to say and be familiar with the topic and the main aim and massage to be pass, the information writing on the paper will guide you to success and gave you an head up to meet the expectation of your listeners. The fear of public speaking is in every one as long as you are a human, but the way you carry your self will determine weather you will do good or not.

4. Ground your self mentally;

The phycology and mental state of your mind is very important when your are called upon to speak in the huge crowd, being mentally fit will help you overcome fear of public speaking.
Mentally speaking any business opportunities that comes your way will require you to convince the client to get the contract, this will require a good and convincing speach that will delivered to the board members that will be there to hear what you have to say on how to get they job done. For example politics requires public speaking to convince the general public to vote for you.

5. Know your topic;

Research on your topic of discussion and study the important part of your speech, know the topics and get prepared in case of questions that will arise in the course of the discussion. When you know the topic of discussion it will be easier to communicate to the audience be and in the long run the fear of public speaking will be dead and your confidence will increase and the massage will be delivered efficiently and effectively.

6. Be organized;

When you are organise and efficient the issue of fear of public speaking will not come in any time or soon, planning and organizing is key when you know you are to make a speech. An organise person will always be confidence and ready when called upon to make remark or to deliver a massage to the general public.

7. Practice more;

As they saying goes, practice make perfect

When you practice and practice more on what you are to say you will always overcome the fear of public speaking, practice make perfect and brings about proffesionalizing in the way you will speak because of the effort and practice but to make good speech.

8. Challenge your self;

When you challenge your self on issue around you, this helps you to get current on happenings and events. Challenging yourself to be current will put you on an advantage side to be a good public speaker and meet the needs of your audience.

9. Vision your success;

Give your self a tap on the back and vision your self succeeding in all what you do, don't see your self as a fairlure. Vision your success and work towards it with a brave heart that know one can etimidate your efforts.

10. Take a eep breath;

When you are about to make a speech always take a deep breath and get your body relaxed and overcome your fear of public speaking. When you do this it helps your nerves to be relax and mentality sound.

11. Focus on the topic not the Audience;

When you focus on the audience you might get distracted and eventually lack what to say, but when you put your focus on the topic you will have aboundant knowledge an understanding on what to say this will eventally kill the fear of public speaking in you and gives you confidence

 12. Don't fear silence;

When you are delivering a speech don't be afraid of the silence by your audience and think may be they are not interested in what you are saying because there is no engagement from them just be focused and keep on with your speech and discussion, until this is done you might lack what to say as a result of lack of engagement.

13. Enroll to get get mentored;

To get over the fear of public speaking you can also enroll to a proffesional consultant or institution to learn more ideas on how to speak in Public, when you are mentored this makes it easy for you to overcome the fear of public speaking and put you on an advantage background to succeed when you are required to speak any where and any time.

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Why individuals have fear of public speaking:

Most people are afraid to speak in public are because of some of the following reasons;
  1. Low self-esteem 
  2. Lack of confidence
  3. Lack of education
  4. Oppression by others
  5. Afraid of mistakes
  6. Lack of preparedness
  7. Some individuals are introverts in their nature.
In conclusion every individual should be able to express him or her self in a manner that is acceptable to the general public weather you are a business man or woman, politicians,class teacher, public servant, entreprenuers,etc.

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