5 helpful tips that make you an avid reader

Assuming you would like tips to get someone to start reading: -Set a reading goal for yourself each month and track your progress. This could be a certain number of books or a certain number of pages.
-Find a book that you’re really interested in. This could be based on a genre you like or a topic that you’re passionate about.
-Start reading before bed instead of watching TV. This way, you can wind down with a good book instead of scrolling through social media.
-Join a book club or find an online community of readers to discuss books with. This is a great way to stay accountable and find new books to read.

-Make use of your local library. Libraries are a great resource for finding new books to read and they usually have a variety of events and programs for book lovers.

5 helpful tips that will make you an avid reader

1. Find a book is engaging and relevant to you personally:

A lot of people have a hard time reading because they try to read a book on a subject that they don't have a passion for. for instance, if you are someone who is into business, read a book that relates to business, or if you want to improve your self-growth then read a book on self-development. By so doing, you won't be bored while reading.

2. Create time for reading:

Is no longer news that you always create time for what you love, so also with reading. If you want to start reading and become an avid reader, create time. particular have a specific time to read, for most people reading in the morning is when they comprehend more, and for others, it is in the evening or night. So find a time that will suit you and be committed to it.

3. Start small:

one of the things that weaken or even break down people who are just starting to read is that they want to start big and perhaps try to compete with people who have been reading for years. but that is not it, starting small is the key to starting anything big. you can start by reading maybe 10 pages a day or reading for 30 minutes every day.

4. Be disciplined and committed:

being disciplined is very important, this applies to every area of life, if you want to achieve a certain goal you must be disciplined and committed. so when you say to yourself I will read 10 pages a day, avoid any other thing and keep to it. it takes these two to accomplish that goal.

5. Be consistent in doing the above 4

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