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Starting a computer business in Nigeria 

Are you a business man or woman with the intention of starting a computer business center in Nigeria in 2023? Here are the steps to take to achieve your goals.

1.Have a Location 

2.Get  Equipment 

3. Non photocopying materials 

4. One minute passport photo sized

5. Business potential

(Budget to start a computer business center in Nigeria) 

Location: Get a place close to a school environment or an office complex, the place does not have to be a big place, a small place of 9 X 9 feet will be okay. Finding a shop close to this places such as:  Bank, School, public office such as Local government area, etc. This guarantees a lot of turnover for you. Do not bother yourself with whether people are plenty doing the same business in that area. You will surly make your money as long as it is in the city.

Equipment: Some of the first main equipment you need to have is, photocopier machine, printing machine, laptop or a desktop computer and make sour there a new ones, fairly used will not serve you well. This will not just last longer, fairly used machine can be stressful. The new machines will gave you good and quality works. To your advantage, there is also manufacturer guarantee on the new machines. As a neophyte, you really do not want to bother yourself fixing an old machine. It is advisable to buy a new machine. 

There is also need to get A4 paper size. You can also buy it as rims or as a carton of five rims.    

Non photocopier materials: You need to get a computer system, if not your business center is incomplete. So start with at list one system first. It is advisable that you get a laptop computer instead of desktop computer. 

Whey it is good you get a laptop is that, it save you more power. Your laptop battery can serve you for more than (4) four hours that you would have spent consuming fuel if you had chosen a desktop. The amount of money you will spend on laptop cannot be compare with the one of a desktop computer.

You also need an internet connection, by getting an internet modem for costumes that may come to download or to upload document on line. And for costumes who would want to print out from their inbox, and some other online registration.

One minute passport photo sized: you need to also get an instant passport photo sized machine, and also a digital camera 12 pixel or above.

The popular digital photo printer you need to get starting with is Canon printer or Hiti printer, cause there strong machines and are essay to operate.

Thousand of images are snapped everyday in various business centers across the country, and likewise the nation at all.   

Business potential: While it is true that so many people have computer in their homes and offices that help them do some of the works at home, that shouldn’t be the problem.

 As long as human race still exists, there will always be need for business transaction at the various computer centers available.

Sometimes, it is difficult for people who have does machine at home to replace these things because they did not use the one consumed for commercial purpose. Those people still run to the business centers when there problem.

The advantage you have as a privet owner is that you are always there at any time, without paper or power supply you are still there. That makes you a main business center owner because you are always there, comes rain or shine.

computer Business
printer for computer business center 


A new printing machine - ₦ 120,000

Laminating Machine - ₦ 17,000

Canon passport printer - ₦ 50,000

Hiti passport printer -₦ 140,000

Generator - ₦ 130,000

Modem and subscription - ₦ 6,500

New photocopying machine - ₦ 170,000

New Laptop computer - ₦ 120,000

Digital camera - ₦ 25,000

Stapler - ₦ 2,000

Paper - ₦ 10,000

Passport film - ₦ 5,000

Spiral banding machine - ₦ 17,000

Spiral banding materials/ laminating film - ₦ 7,000

Shop rent - ₦ 50,000

Total:  ₦ 586,000

  It is a good and wise investment 

Remember you can essay make the sum amount of ₦ 8,000 naira every the day just for printing passport and photocopy, even more than that if you are in a busy area. 

It means you can get back the capital you invested in less than 5 months. You can also get a loan for a bank or any place you want.


Is starting a computer business center in Nigeria profitable?

Many people will be asking this question so that they can have the confidence to proceed with their business. The answer here is yes, starting a computer business in Nigeria is very profitable, the reason is that there is a growing population of young people who are mostly students and young people who will need this services to further there leaning. Also starting this computer business center is profitable because the world today is all about information and communication technology were people need services that has to do with computers and printers to make their work fast and easy.

Thirdly there are students that are interested in learning about such technologies and how to operate them, a business man can invest in such venture and open a computer learning center were students and individuals can enroll and learn how to use the information and communication technologies.

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