How will you organize guidance services in your school?


guidance services
how to organize a guidance services in your school


To start and run the guidance cancelling program, the counselor must be mindful of the following practical steps in order to introduce and run it successfully.


Introduce the program to the school headmaster or administration:


Meet the principal in charge of the school for his support so that the program will be successful at the end of the day, his support will encourage both the teachers and students to accept the program with much expectations.


1.      It is necessary to enlist his support because it is through him others can know about the new development in the school

2.      He provide funds to start the program

3.      He explains the program to the school community

4.      He helps student to develop positive attitudes towards the program


Introduce the program to the school staff:


This is to say, introducing the program to the principal is not enough. This is because the staff members play an important role if the program is to succeed. It is the principal or headmaster who will introduce the program to the staff at the staff meeting. He will then conclude by seeking their cooperation.


Introduce the program to the students or pupils in the following ways:

a.     The principal introduce the councilor at the assembly

b.     The other way is through class room visit


Introduce the program to parents:

 This should be done through

1.      Parent and teachers meetings

2.      Home visit

3.      Organize a workshop for parents

4.      Correspondence

5.      Form guidance clubs

6.      Use guidance games


Facilities needed to start guidance and counseling in schools


The first is to have an office accommodation with the following facilities:

1.      Cupboard

2.      Desks

3.      Files

4.      Bookshelves and drawers

5.      Notice board

6.      Suggestion box

7.      Data sheets with the following basic information name of students, date of birth, parent, name of school, interest or hobbies, educational/ vocational plan, achievement tests

Other facilities include; time, career library, finance, psychological tests


Some practical problems faced by the counselor when starting a guidance and counseling program in schools


1.      Lack of tools

2.      Poor physical facilities

3.      Rivalries

4.      Conflict about the counselors role

5.      High ratio of students per counselor

6.      Counselors lack of power to influence changes in school

7.      Lack of sufficient funds

8.      Educational/ vocational manpower needs.


Factors that influence career choice for guidance and counseling


1.      Economy of the state

2.      Family background

3.      Aptitudes, that is skills one has

4.      Marital status

5.      Environment

6.      Gender difference

7.      Physical fitness

8.      Intelligence

9.      Temperament and personality

10.  Interest and value

11.  Educational attainment



Aims and objective of guidance and counseling services in school


1.      Guidance assists the student to develop as a person rather than emphasizing growth in specific area e.g physical, mentally, emotional, socially or ethically.

2.      Guidance helps the student to build the capacity to solve problems which perhaps would have gone unsolved.

3.      Helps student to know about himself through appraisal and measurement.

4.      Helps to develop himself identity free from distortion

5.      Helps to develop insights into the dynamics of his behavior

6.      Guidance helps the students to be self actualize

7.      Prepare for useful living in the society

8.      To prepare for higher education

9.      Helps individual to define his goals.


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