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Most people will say examination is not the true test of knowledge, but it can determine the levels of understanding of an individual or a student in an educational setting, examination are used to test the level of knowledge of people it can be at interviews or trainings, for you to succeed in the examination Hall you must overcome the tension that comes with expectations in the examination, because you don't really know how ,what the qeustions will look like. For many individuals they are faced with tension when going into the examination premises, in this article you will discover how to overcome examination tension which will make you succeed in all your endeavors in the educational pursuit.

Many students who have read very well suddenly discover that as the examination get nearer, they seem to loss confidence in their ability. This problem has not been effectively takled by school authority who think that all that is required to pass examination is teaching the subject and at best, giving the students extra lesson. 
There is  a secret of passing examination _ examination confidence, medical doctors Do carry out examination of patients to find out the state of their health. Those who have eaten the right food exercised well and rested properly have less worries. If you have ever written an examination and passed you will pass the next one. 

reasons for examination tension 

1. There are children whose parents don't allow them answer simple questions like how are you junior? Unconsciously, the parents answer for them and they grow up waiting for people to help them out with questions in life. These children therefore find it difficult or are tensed up when it time for examination.
2. Many students will never raise up their hands to answer questions from the teacher when a question is thrown open, they for the best student to answer. Once someone answer the question they are happy not knowing that those who answer questions in class are more relaxed during examinations. Usually they are in a better state of mind to answer questions since they are only doing what they already used to. A student who is not use to answering questions in class where the teacher simply want to find out if the students understand what he is been taught will definitely be tensed up in an examination setting which is meant test the student ability. 
3. The student could be tensed up if he or she did not cover the syllabus for the examination. There is is fear of questions coming out of those areas he or she did not cover. Frankly it is risky to cover even 2/3 of your syllabus because majority of questions or even composary questions wich usually attract more marks could come from the remaining 1/3 and you can't blame the examiner. 
4. Another reason could be a student who got a promise of expo and so spent most of the time playing around. When he or she get to the examination hall automatically tension mount up.
5. A student who unfortunately has interacted with a senior who has written the same examination and failed it will also likely to be tensed up in the examination hall.The reason is this; when a senior has been intimidated by a particular subject he or she would tell the younger Student how difficult the examination is likely going to be. No matter hoe they the student has read,tension would build up as the examination is about to Start. This is even worse when the senior student is is a serious. The thought of it such student couldn't make it then who am I? Would creep in. Such comment like chemistry is a volatile subject  Geography is too wide, mathematical is a difficult subject.  Have their negative site effect just before the examination starts .
6. The fear of failure grips some students even though they have read well. A man who us working in a rope could go through. But once he begins to fear that he could fall by looking at either side of the rope, he looses concentration and he would actually fall. 
For some, it could be serious warning from home that if the fair they will be punished 
What ever the case may be, it us certain that when a student cannot control his or her anxiety just before and during examinations it will reduce his or her efficiently and the result  will be poor
Anxiety prepares the student to make very silly mistake that eventually affect the students result because just one mark in the examination could cost another years school fees. 
      Assuming a student scores 44% and the examiner decide to give a bonus of 5% equally to all students, thus particular student will end up with 49% remaining 1% to make the pass mark.  This one percent could have been missed out because of examination tension. Hence it would be taken seriousely. The most dangerous time to allow tension is when the paper is being distributed. Don't ever feel that you have not read enough rather at such times; 

7. Lack of preparation is another reason for examination tension were by the student is behind in his studies and was not prepared for any examination.
8. Lack of reading your note books, when a student avoid reading his notes books he or she will definitely have examination tension on the main day of exams
9. Absenting class lecture is another reason for examination tension , when a student do not attend class lecture were by the teacher is around to bring more explanation on the subject matter.

     Sing to yourself if you can. 
Remember you once passed an examination similar to this. 
Take a slow deep breaths a few times 
This will help you er
Relax the nervous system you may even find a cause to laugh. 

solutions to examination tension

1. Learn to answer questions in gathering such school Assembly, debate settings and most importantly, in class. The aim is not primarily to get the answer; but to build your confidence. It is more difficult to answer questions in the public than to write them down. So get used to the difficult one; so that during examinations the art us not new to you. 
2. Make sure that you cover your syllabus on your own. Don't wait for your teacher. As for those topic you don't understand very well because they have not been treated are sure you understand at least major point such that if you can't write confidently on them at least put down the point that will fetch some Marks .jnow some things about every topic you're required to read before the examination. Do not rely on leaked paper because many students have collapse in the hall because none of the questions they prepare for came out. 
3. Do every thing possible not to listen to negative comments  on examination your are about to write especially from hard working student who some reason failed the examinations. When you hear negative things about the subject it will affect you just before the question paper are distributed . Get nearer people who have passed the examination. Their positive comments will build your confidence 
    What you hear will affect your degree of boldness. Only bold people dare and only those who dare win. Association your self with successful students.
4. Don not fear that you will fail. The examination was not set mock you. It was set to test you. When you get your questions paper, reduce tension by focusing your eyes on the questions you know well. By the time the panic is over, even the ones that seemed difficult initially, due to your panicky state will begin to melt out. Examination is the only opportunity to climb to the next step. Don't see it as a bad exercise. 
5. Remember previous examination when you excelled. Though this examination is tougher than the previous one remember that  you are more matured now than you were there. If you could pass it then you will pass again, even now see examination as a repetition..... Not a new thing altogether.
6. Don't forget that the questions you will be faced with in the hall are totally new to you except that the approach from which they will come is not sure to you so the problem is not that you dont know it 
7. When the invigilators are about distributimg the questions papers ,take a slow deep breath a few times; relax the nervous system.
8. Tell your self I can do it I have put in my best if you're reading this work now when you  drip it, begin to talk to Your self. You need to speak to your self  on the day of the examination wake up and sing to self  when you are about to be given the question paper don't sit still give a friend a smile that is not the time to think. If you are trying to think of something at such a time then you have not prepare for the examination.  A good smile to your friends will relax you f9r wonderful examination session.
9. When you arrive for the examination matters a lot. If you arrive late, no matter how prepared you are you will be tensed up and that will affect your performance  . Make plans to arrive in a good time. 
10. Good discussing a new topic just before entering  the examination hall. You may get more confused because the nearer the examination the higher the stress level. 

 Overcoming examination tension yet not understanding the qeustions

One of the major reason for failure in students who have read is that they expect the questions to come just they way they were thought. Any slight change in the way the question is framed causes tension.  They may have read it the night before but it may be frame in a different way. For example you were taught the causes of inflation in a class and you've read it and you think that you know it. Now in the examination the question read prices of goods and service are going up in the country are the politicians be blamed?  
A student who does not realise he or she knows this question leaves the hall a failure why?  Because though she or he knows the answer he or she does not understand the question . Be bold as you enter into the next examination hall.  The question are coming from what you've read. 
Fear prepares the ground for failure while confidence create the atmosphere for success Lear how to build exam confidence and avoid those little mistakes that occur in examination due to anxiety. Confidence should be the last thing you wear on before the examination.
Fear is the connector to errors and eventaul failure in examination. Look forward to examination day don't be shy. 
When a lion becomes to old to hunt quit prey, it stays position in one side of the bush while it wonderful Cub stays on the other side. Once a prey is at sigth the old lion simple roars.  Apparently the prey turns away from it direction only to end up in the hand of the young powerful lion; hence mother and child have meat. When every one runs from examination run towards it be exited about it, be bold and you will get the best. 

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Simple ways to overcome examination tension:

  1. Be confident all the time when you are faced with a challenge of a problem that requires a solution.
  2. Take a dept breath and relax for like two minutes before you begin wrting the answers to the questions that was given to you.
  3. Sleep early a day before the examination, so as to relax your brain and be able to assimilate what you have read over the days before the main day of the examination
  4. Research more on the topic or subject that you will be writing on the examination day to have more information on the subject matter this will help you overcome examination tension
  5. Drink lots of water before going into the examination Hall to avoid dehideration which can affect your performance in the examination Hall because of tensions
  6. Get the former geustions on such topic that was written before make an overall analysis so as to know what you will be expecting in the examination Hall , this will reduce your tension and get you prepared for any changes that may even occur.
Practice this simple ways to overcome examination tension and you will be on your way to success in your education, as a good student always read your books and make more research to increase your knowledge and broadening your horizon. When you apply this method you will not have to bother yourself when examination comes.

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