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The reseacher explain the importance of distance learning programs in reducing the problem of illiteracy in nations that are developing especially in Africa. The level of uneducated person when compared to nations such  as Britain and the United States is very high. Yet education remains an agent and growth and development of any country both  in the community and national level.  This research is aim at highlighting what  illiteracy means ,the forms of illiteracy, evils of illiteracy, How  to eradicate it. Cognisance is give to the development of education in community and national level in other to help the citizens if their potential will be tap for the purpose of self fullfilment and meaningful contribution to their community. Particular attention is need for the place  of distance education and learning in mitigating the level of illiteracy with specific interest to Africa. This is against  the back ground that the normal  fromal school  system cannot meet with the growing demand of education in the whole nation and also with  the growing population, mean while high levels of illiteracy is associated with the level of poverty thus struggling to survive over the seek of knowledge. The government in there effort has not  done much because of insufficient backing from the political class to the educational sector. Recommendations that will facilitate the amelioration of illiteracy are proffered. This is followed by the conclusion which helps to sum the work. 


Education and learning is very  important Man kind in virtually all aspect of live, among other things education help in broading the Brian and knowledge it also promote and widening the spec of  rational reasoning and remain the useful tool for research in all fields of knowledge and human ambition. Learning also helps man to understand his environment and discover ways to protect the the environment against hazard all this are part of the learning process.  There fore for the purpose of self eligthenment and improvement ,national improvement and the promotion of international relationship among countries, education become a major key tool for the nation to be possesed by all the larger part of the nations.  
       Conversely, illiteracy  Denise one from being educated and what it provides illiteracy which is the in abiliy to 
Write, read and calculate in every in every given language, largely shut one out of knowledge and degrade mental ability and reduces mental capacity it also limit the communication which deals with reading and writing. All this limitations are inimical to one's improvement and community growth and development. This why this research relate it self with the eradication of illiteracy with the help of distance learning. While schools are in the effort of stamp out of illiteracy in the nations are encouraged the need for other educationally agencies should rise up to the challenge and support the cause. There is hardly any nation that will say that they have eradicate illiteracy totally among it citizens.  No doubt there are some level of variation in the total numbers of educated people in the nation of the world but the underdeveloped and the developing nation the They ones mostly affected.


      The ultimate desire of distance learning is to meet the educational needs if the people who may have the challenges of easy access to the educational opportunities and facilities interms of training and retraining programs. Distance learning is a method of providing education for prospective learners or those already enrolled on the learning programs with a common features of physically separated from the teacher. It can be use on it own or in conjunction with the other forms of learning, including face to face teaching. In distance learning students are often separated from the teacher, institution. Arrangements is made to meet the need of those irrespective of distance from their homes, nature of work and related issues. It is arrange in such a way that having located learners ,learning centers or were to collect learning materials are sited as close as possible to the learners location example Is the national open university it give wide range of opportunities to those who wish to study more particularly those that want to do part time studying.
Distance learning make provision for individual who want to learn at their own pace which make reading to be done in a relax manner and atmosphere. Learners are left to draw their study time that is convenient for them and give a chance for those who their job will not allow them to study at their own pace. Study have been made easy with the availability of the website and internet such learners can easily download materials and also summit their assignment. The concept of distance learning is defined by certain principle which aim at opening particular features of educational practice. They also provide a mechanism of educational system with a view to effectively change that focus on Opening up beneficiaries to leaning  different levels of education. To achieve this goals distance learning targets are:
1. Commitment, geographical distance, poor quality learning experience, this is made possible by the contact centers located at the leaners environment being made at closer range rather learners struggling to get contact center which is far from them.
2. Providing access to learners who would ordinarily have been denied the privilege to the traditional and full time education either because of their work place or in ability to afford the cost of full time learning.
3. The expansion of access to the distance learning by limiting restrictions possed by admission cause by lack of space because of the number of student the institution will want to have in a particular class.

This research work took a close analysis of the important of education as compared with the growth and developmental set back that illiteracy could cause in any given communication and nation at large. It is therefore advocated for the reduction of uneducated people, even if it is possible to eradicate it totally. To do this due consideration is given to identification of various kind of illiteracy, targets groups and various  methods in such distance learning could be applied to address this groups. 

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